It Pays To Complain

After quite a wet start to the day, by 9:00 am the sun was shining. By 10:00 am, Rusty had been walked (or run) in the park, we’d had our breakfast, and were ready to roll. We had a couple of quick duties to perform at the sanny nearby, and then we were on our way, heading to Whittlesey.

The water appears quite low in some areas, yet in other areas the water is crystal clear, making it very easy to see the fish swimming.

There’s another boat, moored in front of us, will be going through Stanground Lock at 10:00 am, our time is 10:30; which means we’ll be setting off tomorrow, about half an hour after the other boat has left.

Where we’re moored, at the top of Ashline Lock

John read an article last week about insurance. The article explained that insurance premiums are down this year by 11% on 2017 figures. Coincidentally we received a reminder that our boat insurance is up for renewal in a couple of weeks, and of course, the renewal cost has gone up. John wrote to the insurance company asking for an explanation why the renewal premium had gone up, when insurance premiums have gone down. John received an answer today, the insurance company underwriters had agreed to reduced the premium by about 11% – it really does pay to complain.

We moored alongside a park, one of Rusty’s favourite places.

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