It’s A Beautiful Day For Yellow Warnings

With yellow weather warnings for later today, we set off from our moorings at Rugby after rubbish, filling water tank, and Elsan duties were complete.

Think we’ve been so lucky with our weather after hearing the news of heavy snow further North. Our weather warnings were to alert us to high winds, which were to arrive at around 4:00 pm., although our morning cruise was pretty challenging due to a strong breeze.

A ‘mother’s union’ of ducks were clearly enjoying the sunshine.

We passed a pair of swans who were busy cadging food as we sailed through Clifton Cruisers.

Passing the civils works which will be the cause of a ‘winter stoppage’ starting 5th February 2018. Believe a new bridge will be built, could this be for HS2? Can’t help but wonder if the Carillion nightmare is involved?

You can just about see the huge, and formidable, but now redundant railway viaduct built circa 1885. The viaduct stands within Clifton Golf Course.

In a short time we were at Hillmorton locks. I did the locking for two reasons, John’s knees suffer through the cold damp weather, and I’d rather John took Cyan into the locks when there’s a strong wind.

Love the quotes on the lock gates: “This Door Makes Depth”, and “Captive For A While”.  The “Captive For A While” lock, Lock #4, was a pig! The paddles at the top gate were really hard to lift, and even harder to let down. I gave up with the one in the middle, and I was just thinking we should let CR&T know. Then John jumped off Cyan to have a go dropping the paddle, with success.

The locks were soon behind us.

At the top of the lock lies Sally’s grave. I’ve no idea who Sally was, whether she was a cat or a dog, only that she must have been well loved.

More ‘earth works’ as we sailed from the locks. Looks like a new water main is being laid.

This cheeky Goldie made sure we’ll not be stopping. The tail up, in dog language means: “I’m in charge here!”

Wondering what these naughty two are up too? You can imagine…..

We could just about see the gathering ‘murmur’ of starlings.

Fascinating to watch, and not one ‘accidental’ crash.

Passing Barby Moorings:   


While typing up this blog, I just had to take a picture of the birds flocking to the power lines. The other ‘amazing’ thing…. the time of taking this photo was 4:55 pm! My goodness, the evenings really are getting lighter – EXCITING!

We moored in a brilliant sheltered spot, right next to a coppice, where there are no tallish trees. We did try and moor about half a mile behind us; but we had to abandon the mooring due to the fact it was difficult to hang on to Cyan while we moored. The wind kept pushing her to the other side of the canal.

Depending on the ‘Yellow Weather Warning’ for tomorrow, we may spend a day or so here.

Just realised, our neighbour is HMP Rye Hill!

Today we’ve cruised 6 miles, and 3 locks. Digital TV is non existent. WiFi is 30 Mpbs!

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