It’s All About Planning!

Good job we were up and dressed on time, because Tesco (on-line delivery) arrived 20 minutes early! We borrowed the marina's trolley to collect the goodies from the car park, and wheeled it back to the boat.

I'm still trying to find places to store 'things', 'places' that 'work' for us. Space is so limited on Cyan, especially when trying to store provisions for the next 10 days or so.

It was an easy sort of day, though to be honest, what with our cough/cold still lingering, and moving through quite a few locks of late; a few days chilling is welcome! {Who was it that said living on 'the cut' is a tranquil life?}

John had a busy day today, giving Cyan a good wax and polish ready for the winter weather. This is no means feat considering Cyan is 58 ft long! John polished one side, then I helped him turn Cyan around, so he could do the other side.



We're fast learning that being a successful 'Continual Cruiser' on the waterways is all about planning.  Tomorrow we will be leaving the marina, though we're not sure yet which way we'll be heading. Before we leave we'll top up our water tank. Diesel, logs/coal, provisions are already all on board!

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