Jobs To Do…

We found a lovely spot on the Ashby. Monday, it’s quiet, got good WiFi, and good TV reception.  We decided to stay and do those jobs we couldn’t do while in the marina.  Yesterday John cleaned out the waste  water drainage system, and checked the bilges in case of problems. We also dismantled the Stovex multi-fuel stove to give it a good clean, including sweeping the chimney.

Last week at a local hardware shop, The Tool Box in Hinckley, we picked up a sort of gigantic bottle brush. It must stand about 8ft tall, and it proved to be perfect for cleaning the chimney. After removing the firebricks, the baffler and the log shield, the Stovex was wrapped with an old towel to keep any sooty mess down. Outside John climbed on the gunnels, and rammed the ‘bottle brush’ down the chimney.  Amazing how much soot, tar and dross came down, it was almost a bucketful. Putting the Stovex together again was another matter!  Following lots of swearing and stretched patience, the Stovex was eventually ‘rebuilt’ and lit.

After a good cleanup, including having a shower, it felt so good to sit in front of a roaring fire with a wee dram – toasting a successful day. Amazing improvement to the output from the fire following the chimney clean.

Today, after listening to the weather forecast, and still having jobs to do, we decided to stay for another day (cos we can).  We completed the ‘dodger’ that was started before Christmas.  While in the marina we didn’t have much inclination to complete it.  Being on the canal, we felt the need to help cut down some of the ‘draft’.  You might be wondering what a ‘dodger’ is….. a dodger is a cover at the stern by the tiller secured with elastic ties.



There was a lovely surprise this evening, it was a beautiful sunset.  The rain was hammering down, yet the sunset was glorious, and was shining through the water.  Wished we’d had a better camera as then the three swans who were gliding in the sun’s reflection on the water would have been clearly shown.  The view was a glorious end to another great day out on the cut.


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