Journey Through Nelson on The Leeds To Liverpool Canal

After an evening of two ‘youfs’ careering up and down the towpath a few times on scrambler bikes (no crash hats), we decided to up ‘pins’ to another mooring. Surely whatever’s ahead can’t be so annoying.

Nelson’s a lovely Pennine village, though sadly swamped by old and now derelict properties of ‘Smith & Nephew Medical Fabrics Ltd’.

A local told us the old buildings are now slowly being transformed.


This building below looks like it’s been cleaned up and transformed into super apartments. See the bottom right of the building…

…this unique apartment has a wonderful ‘add on’!

Jamima Puddleduck and her family were ‘spied’ being in residence.

Weather’s not been great at all, Pendle Hill can hardly be seen under its cloudy hat.

Just love to see ‘history’ in architecture – the wear and tear of rope! Rope being attached to barge horses and used for pulling the old barges along.

We’re now moored almost outside of Reedley Marina – tomorrow we’ll be ‘booking’ into our reservation.

Reedley Marina to the left.

Yesterday we travelled 3.5 miles, no locks or swing bridges. Mooring with great digital TV signal, 35 Mg of WiFi.

Today we’ve stayed put, and weathered the cloud bursts!

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