Jules Fuels With Towcester and Bideford

We’re still floating on our spot where we moored last Friday, such is this lovely place! A lot of time has been spent here with the binoculars in our hands; spying on the local wild life.

We’d made arrangements with Jules Fuels for them to pay us a visit. The overnight temperatures have been so cold over the past few days, resulting in waking up to a frozen canal, and slowing down the progress of Jules Fuel’s 1937 ‘Towcester’, and its 1939 butty ‘Bideford’ (I may have got those dates muddled!). Towcester had its engine fitted in 1947, so she must have been horse drawn previously?

As luck would have it, our gas bottle ran out while cooking breakfast yesterday (the spare was soon connected);  and we’d just about managed to eke out the last of our coal, such perfect timing! Jules Fuels advised us they’d be with us this morning, and they didn’t let us down.

Cyan was topped up with 8 bags of Excel, 2 bags of logs, a replacement gas cylinder, and 60 litres of fuel. The fire was lit and soon glowing red with logs and coal from Jules & Co.

We’ve only had the opportunity once before to use the services of a fuel boat (that was Auriga at Polesworth, on the Coventry), so it’s quite a novelty for us. Jules and Richard organised their two ‘beast’ boats to precision.



Tomorrow, weather willing, we’ll tear ourselves away from this spot, and continue on through Cosgrove lock, mooring up somewhere after. On the way we’ll use the services of a sanny station, and top up with water.

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