Just A Short Journey Today

It was a lovely bright morning first thing, sad it didn’t last though. Still the wind had calmed down, which made motoring easy. I haven’t been having much ‘practice’ of late on the tiller, so today was my day to be ‘captain’.

Weather couldn’t make up its mind what it wanted to do.

We had planned to moor somewhere at the bottom of Buckby Locks, but circumstances changed that.

As we approached several moored boats we slowed down; but while we were going slow a boat in front of us pushed off from his mooring, forcing us to ‘tread water’ for a minute or so. It wouldn’t have been so annoying if the boater was in a hurry, but he was excruciatingly slow. Then it started to rain….  Rather than get upset with the boater, we took the rain to be a sign, and moored up for the day.

The seasons are changing with a bumper crop from this apple tree!

John took the chance to change a cupboard door in the bathroom, and I made a batch of current scones to try out the blackberry jam I made yesterday. I also made a small loaf while I was in ‘the mood’. We’d run out of cream for the scones, though we did have a tub of mascarpone cheese instead, which worked deliciously well.

This past week the fresh water gauge had decided to pack up again. It stopped working last winter, then a few months ago it started working again. Obviously it’s a loose connection somewhere. John found the problem under the cratch, a loose connection on the sender unit next to the tank. Having a gauge is really handy, when we didn’t have it last year it was a question of counting how many times the washing machine had been on, and how many showers we’d had.

Today we’ve travelled around 4 miles, and no locks.

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