Just As I’d Imagined The Thames To Be!

After John and Rusty had been for their walk, I made for the Pangbourne shops. It was a little complicated finding the shops as I had to ask no less than three people the way; for some reason I kept getting lost! The route didn’t appear to be as simple as ‘Google Street View’ made out!

The little ‘high street’ had just the shops I was looking for, including a charity shop (Age Concern). I’m trying to find cheap ‘everyday’ glasses to replace those that was smashed when Cyan tilted a couple of weeks ago. Sadly I wasn’t successful, which means we’re still using our best crystal glasses for everyday use.

There is a ‘Cheese Shop’, where I just had to visit, and buy half kilo of extremely strong cheddar cheese. I could have bought other varieties, except I’m worried our fridge is already overloaded. I popped into the CoOp for fresh strawberries. Then the ‘old fashioned iron mongers’ had to be visited (just love mooching around those places), and I bought a tube of ‘grate blacking’, and a pot of ‘Stain Devil’ for those oil stains. The butchers was next, and 8 fat ‘old fashioned recipe’ sausages was bought, together with two very thick pork chops (a request from John). I could easily have visited the very tempting bakery, except we’re not eating bread at this time.

The last shop was the chemist. My heart went out to a painfully shy redheaded lad of about 12 or 13. He was in the chemist with his dad, who was explaining all the different types of razors, aftershave etc. Poor lad was growing up, and he looked so self conscious.

John’s GP had previously prescribed ‘prescription only’ painkillers for his knees that worked really well. We’ve discovered this ‘drug’ can be bought over the counter, branded as ‘Feminax’. Feminax is sold mainly for ‘women’s troubles’, but the package states it’s also suitable for rheumatic, and nerve pain. So we’re trialling Feminax to see if John gets some relief. Obviously, we laughingly went through all the corny jokes, like what size bra John would be needing… 🙂 With breakfast he took a couple of Feminax pills as instructed on the packet, and so far so good!

When I got back to Cyan, breakfast was cooked and eaten, and Cyan was soon pushing off from our mooring.

Pushing off from our mooring

The view from our mooring

View across the way from our mooring

We’re moored on the banks of Beale Park, a great place to moor especially for children.

Our mooring is idyllic! Today has been just what we’d hoped it would be on the Thames.

We’ve got the deck chairs out, and we’re looking forward to chilling this evening on the bank.

Within a couple of hours today’s wash-load was dried and put away.

Today we’ve travelled 1.5 miles, and one lock.

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