Leaving The Wendover Arm

We left our mooring on the Wendover Arm of the Grand Union in glorious Spring sunshine at about 10:00 am.

But not before taking time for yet ‘another’ walk, taking the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the restoration work on the un-navigable section of the canal.

Cyan nestling in the Chilterns

We can still keep an eye on Cyan

A new wooden footbridge has been built over the un-navigable part of the canal.

Notice the ‘beast from the East’ is still hanging around!

We’re now cruising under the bridge and are exiting the arm; re-joining the Grand Union Main Line.

We turned right at the junction, and headed towards Cowroast, leaving Marsworth Locks behind.

When we visited the butchers in Tring yesterday, there was rather a bit of ‘excitement’ due to the opticians across the way being broken into, and several policemen were inside gathering evidence. The butcher said they were having a spate of robberies lately, including boats being broken into near this junction. It maybe hearsay, but it’s always a good reminder to be careful.

As we were cruising through a cutting, the sun went in, and it turned cold. We decided to call it a day after sanny duties, and the first lock.

Leaving Cowroast Lock, after sanny, rubbish, and filling water tank duties completed.

We’re now moored just before the first Dudswell Lock. As soon as we moored, the sun came out!

This cottage is on the side of Cowroast Lock; we passed it today!

Today we’ve cruised just under 5 miles, and 1 lock.

2 thoughts on “Leaving The Wendover Arm

  1. There was a rather beautiful Maine Coon living at the cottage by the lock last year when we passed. I wanted to smuggle it on board, but Tilly had other ideas!

    • We didn’t see a Maine Coon, I’d love to have seen him though. Cats tend not to show themselves when we pass because of Rusty which is sad 🙁

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