Left The Monty On A Soggy Wet Day

We stayed put last night as it was raining from 3pm. Today it was softly raining from early light, and continued until well after 3 pm! Typical bank holiday weather……..

We had a travel slot for today; we had to be at the Welsh Frankton locks by 12.00 noon to get up the flight, and onto the Llangollen again. Nothing for it but to push on in the rain…… Stopped off at the services arm to water up, and deposit the rubbish in the C&RT skip. The challenge is that on this arm off the Monty, there is no place to wind (turn around) the boat, the only way out is to reverse the way you came in.

Those who boat know that reversing is an art form, and when other boats are nearby they prove to be a magnet or collision hazard. As I was being observed closely from behind twitching curtains the nerves were jangling…..

Madra Mia…….without touching the sides we moved slowly backwards to the main channel, and headed off towards the lock landing to await our passage onto the Llangollen, with chest out and a sense of pride in not hitting anything or anyone!

We found others waiting in the rain, we were number 5 in the typical British queue……that’s one thing we can teach the world….how to form an orderly queue!

It was impossible to get close to the bank due to low water in the canal, so Jen held onto the centre line (in the rain) while Rusty and I maintained a management position on board!!!!!!

After some delay we moved forwards to take our turn at ascending the lock flight. The locks are fairly deep and water cascades past the gates……while the boat is at the bottom! It was great to reach the last lock and make contact with the Volunteer Lockie Chris, handling the staircase locks.


Back onto the Llangollen and heading off towards Ellesmere moorings…….Tesco’s tomorrow for provisions!

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