Looks Like God’s In His Heaven, and All’s Well!

Just had to share pictures of today’s sunrise. Sorry my camera doesn’t do it any justice.

The ‘magic’ changed every second.

Sad we’ve got a day of rain to ‘look forward too’.. “The shepherds have warned us!”

4 thoughts on “Looks Like God’s In His Heaven, and All’s Well!

    • Thanks Pip. We’ve got the rain and the wind! Boat was coming past us, apparently it lost a solar panel through the wind, the boater tried to stop to retrieve it, but unfortunately he lost control of his boat to the wind and we got smacked. Don’t think there’s any damage done as far as we know. Wouldn’t mind but there’s only been a couple of boats about today – just goes to show about being in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ 🙂 of all the room on the canal… lol

  1. They are great sunrise photos Jen. I’ve sent a couple of emails…assume not received. Glad to see all is well with you all. Stay warm. Xx

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