Love A Duck!

After Tesco delivered yesterday, we took off to for a short cruise, mooring up just before Hydes Bridge (#7). The wind had been very keen, and we were frozen. Though we soon kicked the wood burner to life.

Today we decided to ‘stay put’, I’d made myself a promise to rearrange some store cupboards, all had become jumbled.

We also spent a couple of pleasant hours planning the next ‘leg’ of our continuous journey. The journey will take us on the canals; ‘Peak Forest’, heading West on the Ashton, East on the ‘Rochdale’, the ‘Aire and Calder’, then onto the ‘Leeds to Liverpool’ canals. This should take us through till the end of July. We’ve loved the Macclesfield Canal, it’s been so beautiful, and we’ll no doubt be back soon!

The sun came out this afternoon, and the cold wind had dropped. For once the weather forecasters had got it right. It’s been a beautiful evening, with a pretty sunset, the promise of a glorious day tomorrow.

While enjoying the evening, listening to the bird’s evensong, this little fella sailed by:

We’d never seen a duck with a beautiful headdress like this before. The name’s original too, it’s called a ‘Crested Duck’!

We’ve been advised the weather is going to be glorious again tomorrow. Perfect for going down the 16 Marple locks on the ‘Peak Forest Canal’. According to the C&RT’s website, there are moorings at the halfway point. We’ll play it by ear as ‘they’ say, as to whether we’ll do the climb down though the locks in one day, or two!

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