Make Bed While It Rains

We haven’t been too happy with our bed, the mattress of thick foam, layered on top with a couple of inches of memory-foam, is brilliant. It’s so comfy. But the bed’s base of marine ply is awkward, and it’s difficult to get to the storage area underneath, it needs two pairs of strong hands to lift the 16mm ply base.

I’ve had this idea in my mind for a while now, to have a bed base like an ottoman, that easily lifts up on gas struts. I found just the base, compete with beech slats, sold on Amazon (made by Bishops Beds). We had the base delivered to Springwood Haven Marina for us to pick up while we were visiting. Together with the ‘gas strut ottoman hinges’ needed to lift up the bed.

The base is extendable, and is suitable for a single, small double, or a double bed frame. It’s just perfect for what we need.

Seeing that the weather was very wet, and the bed base was taking up too much room, and scaring the dog. We decided to moor up and rebuilt our bed.

Three days later, we’ve a lovely comfortable full sized double bed that retracts by 12 inches during the day, giving us the space we need. Another success, though the gas struts do need to be replaced, as the 900Nm pressure is far too fierce, so much so we can’t close the bed! We need to replace the struts with a much lower pressure, possibly 400Nm. When we bought the gas strut hinges, the seller did say he’d replace the struts to a suitable pressure foc. (This problem will have to be shelved for a short time.)

Over the next few days, it was a cold damp cruise to Rugby, where we moored on the public moorings by Tesco, Debenhams, etc., plus of course next to the ‘Barge and Bell’ pub and restaurant.

The fridge engineer visited us here, we temporarily moored (only one day mooring) on the services side of  the canal, right next to a car park, which was convenient for a visiting engineer.

The image shows our first hard frost and snow of the winter.

Dave gassed up the fridge/freezer, and over the next couple of days, I enjoyed a little bit of retail therapy. Three days after Dave’s visit, we phoned him again, as the fridge still wasn’t cold enough. Dave returned, bringing with him a new thermostat. After changing the thermostat we started our journey back to the Coventry Canal, but not before continuing down the Oxford and winding (turning) Cyan at the bottom of Hillmorton Locks.

We had another cold journey through the Oxford canal, before mooring at Ansty, where we woke to a freezing cold morning.

There was nothing for it, but to batten down the hatches for a few days. Eventually we left our mooring on a beautiful sunny winter’s morning.

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