Many Hands Makes Light Work Of 6 Locks!

Though we moored at 4:00 pm yesterday, we had no need to start our engine until 8:00 this morning when we turned on the Mikuni heater. This is sheer ‘magic’ for us! Looking at our diagnostics, our battery didn’t drop lower than 12.5 V overnight.  We’re delighted! Project done!

The weather forecast said the wind would pick up after 11:00 am, therefore we planned an early start. The forecast predicted a wind strength of around 20 mph, and gusts double that.

At around 9:00 am, we were just slipping our mooring when a boat passed us. I shouted “Can we keep you company going through the locks?” The reply was “Yes, we’ll keep the lock warm for you!”

We caught up with the boat as it entered the lock. With a male crew of four on the boat, it was brilliant for us to share the locks with them, and we soon got into a rhythm of us exiting the lock first, leaving the men to close the gates, while we motored on to set the next lock’s gates.

We moored just after Pitstone Wharf, and just before Marsworth Lock #37. Whilst we were mooring our ‘lock buddies’ sailed past us, and we all waved! ‘Ships in the Night’ comes to mind.

At our second lock of the day, we came across a ‘500 dairy cow farm’, where these ‘little girls’ were having their breakfast as we passed.

Tomorrow (windy weather willing) we hope to tackle the Marsworth flight of 9 locks. We will need to keep in mind the C&RT notice:

“Due to a pump breakdown we are needing to carefully manage water resources and restrict navigation on the Marsworth flight between lock 39 to Lock 45.

The navigation will be open from 11am to 4pm, with last entry into flight 2:30pm.”

Today we’ve cruised through 6 locks, 1 swing bridge, and 4 miles.

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