Mayday Bank Holiday- staying put!

Early this morning it was ‘misling’ but mild. After dog walking it was decision time. Soon there was water traffic in both directions and our overnight neighbours prepared to set off. That’s it then, no point in joining the bank holiday scramble so we were staying put…….’cause we can! Time to catch up on emails and other tasks while the world rushed by…..then……the phone rang!

‘Where are you?’ It was Ian and Denise gongoozling at Bosley lock flight which is only about 8 miles by road from our mooring in Scholar Green. ‘We are about 2 days from you but about 20 minutes by road’……See you soon then….

Quick scurry around CYAN to tidy up, as you do,  then there was a knock on the side of the boat, Ian, Denise and their dog JoJo had found our mooring. Great to see old friends again.

Brief tour of the boat, well a walk from one end to the other is brief, then off to the ‘Rising Sun’.

Sat outside with drinks and dogs being on best behaviour, then the sun made an appearance. Gloriously warm sunshine and banter with friends on a bank holiday, what is there not to like! The food was soon delivered and all consumed, 5 stars to the chef’s…………

All to briefly they had to leave and we returned to the boat with a promise to meet up again when we get to Marple Top Lock.

Post lunch Snooker on the TV followed by Liverpool v Watford completed a super day……..back out on the cut tomorrow, once the waterway has quietened down, heading north towards the Pennines.

0 Locks 0 miles

One thought on “Mayday Bank Holiday- staying put!

  1. It’s a good walk up Mow Cop, fine views if it’s clear. I guess you’ll move on before then, but try to take in the White Nancy at Bollington if you can.

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