Meeting A ‘Famous’ Boat

Pleased to say the yellow weather alert for rain didn’t materialise yesterday, if we’d had the month’s worth of rain in one day the Met Office were predicting, I think we’d have had to stay safely on our mooring until ‘the flood’ had subsided.

Last evening’s sunset

A brilliant sunny morning greeted us when we woke this morning, and we soon had Cyan ready for today’s journey.

Since Friday, this has been our lovely and peaceful mooring.

We were moored within National Trust property, and near Clivedon House where Lady Astor had her home. Cliveden House is now an ultra expensive special hotel. We thought Cliveden was pronounced ‘clive-den’, but we were corrected by a local who pronounced it as ‘cleev-den’ (which sounded rather like ‘clifdon’).

I believe the house below is called ‘Spring Cottage’, starting from £2,000 you can stay here for time, it’s just simply gorgeous…see here.

A glimpse of an opulent age.

Cookham Lock, our first and only lock of the day was manned. As soon as we left the lock we temporarily moored for sanny, rubbish and filling water tank duties.

Leaving Cookham Lock

What a fine beach tree!

Chocolate box houses

We knew we were close to where ‘No Problem XL’ was moored, and we thought we’d missed it – just when we resigned ourselves to not seeing her, she came into view.  Just behind her, we managed to moor Cyan.

We’ve been following Sue and Vic’s blog; blogging their ‘continuous’ journey on both of their ‘No Problem’ boats for several years, as we did with other boat bloggers. I believe we can categorically say: it’s because of Sue and Vic’s blog we joined the community of many continuous cruisers. We can only thank Sue and Vic, and the many other boater’s blogs that kept our ‘dream’ alive until we could make it a reality. To all boat bloggers; thank you!

Sue and Vic are not at ‘home’ presently, but it was a pleasure to meet Jill and Graham who are ‘boat sitting’ ‘No Problem XL’. I’m sure we’ll meet up with Sue and Vic before long, and then we’ll be able to thank them in person for their informative blog.

A pleasant lady from ‘Thames Preservation Trust’ knocked on our boat to collect mooring fees; we’ll be here for two days as a delivery from Tesco has been ordered. Mooring here is £5 per day, and Mr Tesco delivers tomorrow.

Today we’ve travelled 2.5 miles, and one lock!

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