Moody Skies

Knew it was cold last night, but didn’t realise we were iced up again.

Had a slight panic; last night we checked the App (Bluetooth access to the solar panel controller) that tells us how our batteries are doing, and how much/little solar energy we’re gathering. We had a good day solar wise yesterday as we didn’t have to turn the engine on to charge the batteries until around 5:00 pm. When we checked the ‘App’ (for want of a better word) just before bedtime, there was a message saying the App needed updating. So we clicked the ‘OK’ button to begin the upgrade…. then typically…. the App wouldn’t connect to the solar panel controller. Sod it we thought, this’ll wait until the morning.

We just thought it was  the App upgrade that was the problem, until we discovered this morning the solar panels weren’t working despite the bright sunshine.

We did lots of tweaks, uninstalling and installing the App, pressing buttons until lights stop blinking, resetting, and pressing ‘this’ upgrade button, and ‘that’ upgrade button, each time we got into a loop. We read the online manual how to fix it, and we wrote to Victron’s help forum. Our head’s were dizzy…

At the third ‘uninstall’ and ‘install’ of the App, it was BINGO all the knobs and whistles worked! Panic over thank goodness. The updated App is a very different layout from the previous level, we are sure we will get used to that. Most importantly the Solar panel output and the boat battery bank condition is now visible with the App.

We set off from our mooring about midday, after about 3 hours of sunshine shining on the ice.

We passed the new Dunchurch Pools Marina.

It’s all looking really grand, and it looks like some boats are already resident. Even though we were just a couple of hundred metres away from where we were ‘iced in’, the marina looked ice free.

The ice was in patches, usually amassed in cold corners.

The huge family of geese didn’t appear to mind the cold water.

We can’t remember when we saw our last wide-beam. This one looked enormous!

Ancient ridge and furrow fields, probably made by ploughs pulled by oxen in the middle ages. Would love to know the history of these fields.

At Braunston Junction we used the rubbish and Elsan services.

Then we turned right to continue on the Oxford Canal.

By the time we moored up the wind had changed to bitter, and we were freezing!

The weather for the weekend doesn’t look brilliant. Think we’ve snow predicted at some point on Sunday, so we might not move for a while. We’re sitting in a lovely spot, quite high up with glorious views and a dry towpath.

Today we’ve cruised over 4 miles. We’ve got about 28 Mbps of WiFi, and great digital TV.

For FUN! Here’s a 70 piece jigsaw. For full screen, click the  at bottom-right of the jigsaw.

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