Moored Between Two Pubs

It's been a glorious sunny day.  Though there were pockets where the sun never got to melt the hard frost from last night.

Tonight, we're moored up at Hopwas, right between two pubs, 'The Otter' and 'The Red Lion'!  We had intended to visit one for a drink, in fact John while taking Rusty for his walk, had popped into The Red Lion to see if they would accept Rusty.  They were very obliging.  

We've been cruising for 5 hours today. During cruising; hot water from the engine was cycled round the 5 radiators of the boat, leaving the boat like a sauna. But as it's going to be another cold night, we banked up the fire, to keep the boat toasty warm.  

After the fresh air (it has been very fresh today), and dinner.... it might come as no surprise we've decided to give The Red Lion a miss! Just wish we had more 'youth' on our side!

So today we've had 5 hours of cruising, manoeuvred through 4 locks, and we've seen lots of interesting things.

A beautifully clear and calm day! Ice on the water helps to highlight the reflection of the trees.


Reflections in the water is stunning. Though we did have to stop while John, through the 'weed hatch', freed vegetation we'd managed to collect.


Frozen fields and icy banks - not a sound was heard!


Cruising under the M6 Toll Road


Took a snap of a 'cubby hole' built into an old bridge on the Coventry Canal. Over a hundred years or so, employers (and other employees) of barges, would leave messages and food inside these cubby holes for each other. These were times before telephones and motor cars of course.

3 thoughts on “Moored Between Two Pubs

  1. Hi Jen and John

    You are very close to us today. We often walk on the Coventry canal near Fradley. It’s the end of the Coventry canal isn’t it? We like Barton Marina too. Interesting shops, pub, Thai restaurant and a cinema. Will you be visiting?

    Bob and Haze xx

  2. Whats your proposed route look roughly like, was wondering if you might end up our neck of the woods by Preston Brook at all ?.

    Your the guys who looked after my mother in law was mugged outside La Finca 10 yrs ago.

    Weve just come back from Algorfa yesterday and are now at home outside which we have 2 canals nearby.

    • Hi paul, Yes we remember the incident with your Mum on the La Finca Urbanisation. Pleased we could help at the time….
      We have planned to be in Chester for the Christmas and New year break to be near to our family and friends. The difficulty with moving round the network during the winter is not just weather but the closure and maintenance programme carried out by the Canal and River Trust. For example wintr access to the Llangollen is severely restricted until March as they are replacing lock gates and repairing lock chambers and various sections of the towpath.
      Keep following our blog and hopefully we can meet at some point in 2017. Happy and peaceful Christmas to you and yours.

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