Moored Up When It’s Sunny! Are We Mad!

We were going to stay another day at the moorings by the Anderton Boat Lift, it’s a lovely place with a great nature park. It turned out a lovely day weather-wise, and we thought “Why aren’t we cruising?” We should be staying moored when it’s raining, not when the sun’s out.

Due to the amount of walkers enjoying the canal; ambling past Cyan, we had kept the curtains drawn for privacy, and despite the warm sunshine we couldn’t open the hatch for the same privacy reasons. Cyan was also wobbling about due to the water tank being low on water. To top it all we were getting grizzly due to the hire boats ‘roaring’ past. Decision was soon made, and within 5 minutes we were ready to go, despite it being 2:00 p.m. (we like to cruise in the mornings).

Our first port of call was to top Cyan’s tank with water, use the Elsan facilities, and to rid us of our rubbish at the Anderton Services.

We had a pleasant journey, but just to stop us getting complacent we found ourselves cruising through the depressing Northwich Chemical works. We couldn’t help but wonder what they are ‘cooking’ in there. It was a strange coincidence (or was it?) that a black cloud appeared to hang over the place.

Goodness knows what’s coming out of the steam vents. We could feel a faint mist of moisture on our faces as we passed by.

Just after passing this chemical plant, there were C&RT notices informing that HS2 was planned to cross the area, hope it’s planned to go straight through this plant, as it looks like it needs renewing.

We disturbed a crane fishing for it’s dinner, he flew up on a pipe bridge and played the game of ‘when I’m still you can’t see me’!

Passing through Croxton Flash, we envied the mooring this boat had taken. It would have been great to have moored up here, but it seemed a shame to disturb ‘the perfect spot’ for those boaters. It wasn’t until we passed the boat that we saw it was NB Together Forever. The occupants were out enjoying the sun, I shouted “Hinckley Marina”. At that point they recognised us, we’d moored almost next to them last winter in Hinckley Marina. It’s a small world on the cut as we’re finding out! They’re aiming for Middlewich Canal too, so we might see them again.

In the pic below, we’re just about to go under Murder Bridge #177! Can’t find any information about a ‘murder’ on the internet, I’m wondering if it’s about ‘crows’ – like a murder of crows?

We’re now tucked in for the night, just before the narrow aqueduct over the River Dane.

Tomorrow John’s planning to call into the Middlewich Household Waste, which is just a short distance from where we’re moored, in the hope they’ll relieve us of spent oil from an oil change.

Today we’ve cruised over 8 miles, WiFi is 25Mg, Digital TV is very good. (John’s also watched Liverpool qualifying for the Champions League proper, IN STYLE!)

Our start postcode: CW9 6AQ

Our moored postcode: CW10 9JH

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