Mooring, Playing Safe

Yesterday was another day we didn’t cruise, instead we stayed on our mooring by Upwell Church. We left our mooring about 9:30 this morning.

Today we hoped to get near to Salter’s Lode/Lock for our venture onto the Gt Ouse planned for around 9:30/9;45 tomorrow morning.  Being a huge football addict fan, John’s desperate to get a good WiFi, or digital TV signal where we moor today.

England expects….

It was a super day for boating, the weather was glorious with just a hint of a cheeky breeze

We had two moorings to choose from, one was relatively nearby, and was on a 40 deg bend. This mooring was really too soon for us to stop, we’d like to get nearer to the lock.

Well Creek or Mullicourt Aqueduct between the bridges

Looking to the right while on the Aqueduct, we could see the Main Drain (this is the end of the Drain’s navigation).

A beautiful English Garden, delphiniums, roses, lupins growing with a background of different trees and bushes.

At the 2nd of our choice of moorings, we decided we’d give the mooring a miss. We weren’t sure if the wooden planks would take our weight, and the last thing we needed being miles from anywhere, was an accident. We decided to take our chance at Salter’s Lode.

The pic below is of Newton’s Bridge (no 29), we believe this to be the lowest bridge on the Creek. The picture was taken seconds before the pot of flowers near the bow was (sadly) knocked off! Luckily the other plant pots just skimmed under. On our way back, we think we’ll remove the tubs to the cratch for safe keeping, if only for the sake of our nerves. In the ‘Middle Level Navigation Notes 2018’ given to us by the Lock Keeper at Stanground Lock, there’s a list of low bridges; this bridge isn’t on the list.

It wasn’t long before we were at Salter’s Lode. We just managed to squeeze, with the help of the boat in front, onto the mooring.

There’s no Digital TV signal here, but WiFi is relatively good, though it did hiccup a few times during the football match. John remains pretty up beat about England’s World Cup chances despite losing by one goal to Belgium. He says Southgate played his 2nd best players for the game as England had already passed to the next stage, saving his best players for the next round. Some battles/games you lose, so long as the ‘war’ / ‘World Cup’ is won!

We travelled just under 6 miles today.

2 thoughts on “Mooring, Playing Safe

  1. Sorry about your encounter between flower pot and bridge – however not only is it not listed in the ML booklet as below the 2m level counted as normal, but neither does Paul Balmer’s Waterway Routes say anything. The much older Balir’s Imray book appears to give 2.3m. Was the water level raised for some reason? They do play around with it for irrigation purposes – when we came through in 2010 the stretch between Nordelph and Slaters Lode was all but impassable (lack of water) until they started up some pumps. What is your air draft (inc pots)?

    • Thanks Mike, the pot isn’t of any consequence in the big scheme of things. We did stay 2 nights at the Church mooring, so that’s say 2 days water usage resulting in raising the bow. I remember last year we had to brim the water tank to help us pass the ‘height test’ for Standedge Tunnel. The maximum height for the tunnel is 1.88m. Think we’d best top up with water at Hilgay if we can on our return. The pot that fell in was about 10″ and there were the height of the flowers – again, perhaps the pot was a little dry, therefore lighter and easier to topple. On travelling the water level for us wasn’t an issue, though we had to be careful at the sides. I’ve just looked at the water gauge, taking into account we’ve used another day’s worth of water I’d think our tank was 3/4 filled when we went under the bridge. We’ll not have to be so careless in future 🙂
      Thanks for checking the bridge heights though, we’ll just have to keep our water tank topped as much as we can on our way back.
      Regards, Jen

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