Nene Park, Ferry Meadows, Overton Lake

Nene Park, Ferry Meadows, Overton Lake are all names which can describe where we are today/night.

We left our mooring on Peterborough Embankment around 10 ‘ish this morning. Leaving the huge community of swans, geese, and ducks, plus  a few cormorants, coots, and pigeons thrown into the mix.

We had a lovely cruise toward Orton Lock. John took Cyan into the lock after dropping me off at the lock landing. After lowering the guillotine gate, and helping John wrap the centre line around a bollard to control her, I opened a paddle on one of the top gates just enough so not to rock Cyan too much. When the level was right, I opened the gate for John to sail through and wait on the lock landing while I reset the lock, leaving the guillotine in the up position. This will now become ‘routine’.

It was a short journey to our mooring at Ferry Meadows. This time of visiting, Cyan was reversed into the mooring, which means Rusty will only have to walk along a 3 metre stretch on the ‘cheese grater’ pontoon, which is really hard on his paws. When we were here last, Cyan was moored with the bow towards the bank, leaving Rusty to have to walk quite an uncomfortable distance to get on the land from the stern. He finds it really difficult to walk on this type of surface, which prompted a question, last time we were here from a neighbouring boater, “How long has your dog had bad arthritis?”

A pleasure boat takes passengers around the lake.

There’s a pleasure boat that takes paying passengers around the lake. We can hear the Captain/Driver on his tannoy, as he sails past us, explaining that there are no crocodiles, killer wales, or sharks in the lake, only soft ducks! During one of the trips, he expanded on his rhetoric, “See those narrowboats moored there, well under the water where the boats are moored, there was a bad accident years ago, whereby a JCB tipped over, killing the driver. Every now and again the ghost of the man raises out of the water to frighten people. There’s even been times when people have said they’d heard Elvis singing!” That’s all good fun I know, but when you suffer from over imagination, the least thing your imagination needs is stimulation! Hope I can get a good night’s sleep tonight 🙂 Just in case though, I did have a Google search, and thankfully nothing came up about a terrible accident, or a ghost!

Cyan, nestled on her mooring

A fabulous piece of artwork, cut out of a thick tree trunk. The children think it’s wonderful to climb onto the ducks.

When John took Rusty for a walk, he returned with a very nice Spanish lady, and her partner. The husband has been trying to persuade his Spanish wife that they should buy a narrowboat. John brought her back to the boat to have a look around Cyan as she’s never been aboard a narrowboat before. We were talking for quite a while, they wanted to know about things like cars, how much it costs a month, how do we keep warm in the winter, all the usual things. Hope one day we’ll meet them on a canal somewhere, when they have their boat.

We’re aiming to get to Wansford Station Railway Museum moorings tomorrow, John’s hoping there will be some engines fired up and in steam on Saturday. We’ll have to wait and see.

Today we’ve travelled 3.5 miles, and through one lock.

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