Off The Middle Levels And Onto The River Nene

After our neighbour boat left for Stanground Lock this morning, we held back for about 10 minutes to give the boaters space. Think we left our mooring at Whittlesey about 8:45 am.

At the first ‘leg’ of the journey we travelled through a very narrow ‘drain’ with a tight 45 deg turn, I was dispatched to the bow on ‘look out’ in case we came bow-to-bow with another boat.

Weed Cutters, keeping the channels open for navigation

The nearer we got to Stanground Lock, the more dense the duck weed.

We arrived ‘dead on time’ (surprisingly) at the lock, and we were soon on The River Nene again.

We’re now moored on the moorings at Peterborough Embankment. Though we had a bit of a scare this afternoon; the moorings have a slight curve, so when the aft and fore is securely tied, the middle of the boat is about 10 inches or so away from the edge of the mooring.

We were inside having a cuppa, when there was a series of bangs on the side of our boat, then lots of screaming and shouting. It turns out a 4 or 5 year old boy had been playing around, possibly he was pushed by another kiddie, making him lose his footing, and he fell between the side of the mooring and our boat. Thank God his mum was near enough to grab him, He was tearful and shocked but otherwise non the worse for his soaking, if he’d have gone down under the water, he could have easily been trapped under the boat, or maybe he could have even got crushed.  Looking how the child was wet, he must have been in the water up to his neck. How quickly a tragedy can manifest.

A quick tour of Asda with the ‘granny trolley’ was needed to stock up on essentials. Trouble is, fresh fruit, veg, and salads don’t keep for long in hot weather. We might need to look for more supplies before we get to Northampton.

We’ve been planning where we’re hoping to overnight as we cruise along the Nene, and the conversation morphed into where will we be going after the Nene. Our next plan is to visit Stratford, with our aim being the Stratford Ring and The Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Our plan just might take us up to the end of Autumn.

Today we’ve travelled 5 miles and one lock.

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