Off To An Early Start

We were ‘on parade’ for 9.30 a.m., washed, fed, chores done, dog walked…. and we ‘casted’ off for our new day’s adventure.

Cruising down the canal, we can’t help but bask in nature.  We passed through a wooded conservation area where there was such a cacophony of bird song.  By next year I’m hoping to have learnt to identify every bird’s song.

As mentioned, after 15 or years in Spain, we’re really enjoying the amazing burst of an English (or Welsh) Spring. I’ve been fascinated with the wild primroses, but I’m even more fascinated and delighted with the cowslips that have suddenly bloomed. It doesn’t look like cowslips are an endangered species anymore.  Perhaps the wild seeds that people have been encouraged to plant has worked.

We passed several Mr & Mrs Ducks with their broods, the ‘little uns’ comically flapping and bobbing about in the water. Their little legs can’t half make their body move.  One tiny duckling appeared to be all alone in the world as we passed, we couldn’t see where its mother or siblings had gone.  Until we saw, further down the canal, a duck with 3 ducklings.  We couldn’t help wondering if she was the ‘careless mother’?

We’ve also been enjoying the antics of the young lambs in the fields, but were sad to see two of them drowned in the canal.  I expect they fell in. Wonder if the farmer realises he’s loosing lambs?

This is Cyan descending down the staircase of 3 locks at Grindley Brook.  After the staircase lock, where we were helped by three volunteer lock-keepers, we descended down a further 3 single locks. While I was opening one of the gates, a cheeky swallow flew under the beam in a wonderful display of flight agility!  Only one swallow mind, summer’s not quite here yet.

We’re now moored up just past ‘Jackson’s Bridge (#26).  WiFi is 5 bars of 3G, which isn’t too bad.  We’ve been spoilt; while mooring at Ellesmere we were getting 55 Mpbs.

We’re hoping to make it to the top lock at Hurlesden Junction by tomorrow afternoon. That’s 7 locks, 3 lift bridges, and 11 miles. We’ve planned to go down the four locks at Hurlesden Junction, and rejoin the Shroppie on Sunday – just in time for St George’s Day! (we have ‘the’ flag to be displayed on the day!)

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