Off To Braunston

It was more or less a toss of the coin, do we turn left from Wigrams Marina towards Oxford, or do we turn right towards Braunston? We decided to turn right!



Rusty doesn’t appear to worry where he goes, so long as he’s with us!



After a pleasant, but a bit chilly cruise, we stopped for breakfast!  Following s check on the internet, and the satellite connections, we’ve decided to stay until tomorrow. john

We had the central heating roaring away as we cruised (almost for free), so when we stopped, the boat was toasty warm for us.

While breakfast was being cooked, the stove was lit!

We decided to go to head to Braunston, one; because we need our bow rope repaired, and two; because Braunston is considered the ‘Heart’ of the canal system.

We have previously visited Braunston Church with its high and unique steeple, where in days gone by, the church was busy officiating births, marriages, and deaths for the canal community.  A community long since passed, where life was exceptionally hard.



Many of the canal families made a living working barges, they would live in a small cabin, and it wasn’t unheard for families to have many children living onboard, some of whom would sleep on ‘shelves’ in the cabin.



The day started off grey, but none-the-less very peaceful.



At such a slow pace; lots of details about the countryside can be savoured, such as historical snippets like the old plough and furrow fields that could easily be over a thousand years old!

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