Off We Go Again!

We’ve been moored on the outskirts of Skipton for about 6 days, and have become to love Skipton despite the bad weather. The town has an abundance of local shops. It’s been fun shopping for the ‘bits ‘n’ bobs’ on our ‘mental’ shopping lists.

Within a stones throw of our mooring was a fantastic park, where Rusty could have a full-stretch run of his legs, careering after his ball. He’s also made friends with a group of doggy chums.

The weather over the week has been abysmal, and I think there was a spell where it rained for 30 hours non stop. I’m sure farmers and gardeners were grateful. We’ve been sensible and stayed tucked up inside Cyan.

Friday evening after dinner we were compelled to take a stroll into town. The weather was pleasant and we were being drawn by the sound of loud music and people enjoying themselves. We found the source, it was a pub; but it could have been coming from several pubs, such was the buzz in Skipton. John had a great time listening to the ‘King’ blaring, while relaxing over a pint in a pub garden. People are so friendly, though Rusty’s good at ‘breaking the ice’, and we struck up a conversation with RSPCA official who took a shine to Rusty.

John had seen a statue from afar, it’s a statue of a cricketer; and being a cricket fan, we just had to find out which Yorkshire cricketer.

Obviously Freddie Truman was a local cricketer, but the only relationship to Skipton we could find; was that he married his 2nd wife in Skipton’s registry office. Such is the irony that he advertised cigarettes, and he died of lung cancer, rather like the ‘Marlboro Man’. John’s got happy memories of him and his Dad listening to the radio in the early hours of the morning to broadcasts of games between England and Australia.

A few days ago, Terry who’s the owner of ‘Alfie Narrowboat’, contacted us through this website. He  was heading towards Skipton, and hoped we could meet up. Alfie and his ‘travelling’ friend (on another narrowboat) moored up next to us. Terry complimented ‘’, and wished he had the same to write his adventures on Alfie’. Within hours was born.  Terry is now busy recording his story to  It was lovely to meet Terry and Meg his little furry friend, and swapping ‘boating’ stories.  Have a great journey Terry! No doubt we’ll cross paths canals again.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning was a bright, though breezy day, and it was time for us to move on. It’s always an exciting time setting off on a new ‘experience’. We left Skipton with a promise “We will return!”

Weather was rather breezy, and several times Cyan was pushed ‘off course’ by a sudden gush of wind.

We are now deep into the ‘Yorkshire Dales’ and what a glorious sight it is too!

Fascinating; miles and miles of beautiful dry stone walls.

Because it was so breezy, I was pleased to do all 3 swing bridges, and 3 locks.

At the second lock we met and shared locks (2 and 3) with a lovely couple from Tucson, Arizona. They have their own narrowboat which they live on and tour for 3 months of the year. While it’s great to share lock work, it’s really fun to meet people, and learn about other people’s stories.

We moored (for the next few days) at the top of Higherland Lock (#32), in the village of Gargrave, where we’ve a plan to explore the village tomorrow.

We cruised 4.75 miles, 3 locks, 3 swing bridges, and moored where WiFi is on fire! (over 50 Mg)

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  1. Lovely meeting you both too ( and Rusty) take care and we’ll meet again.Once again Jen, thanks for all your help.

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