Oh Bother! It’s A Blustery Day!

What a night last night. There were no sleeping through Storm Eleanor for us, not from where we’re moored on the Coventry. We were glad to be tied up tightly, though I did have the horrors that the armco might gave way, and we’d be buried into the reeds by a strong gust of wind!

Lying in bed, and wondering if the canopy at the stern would be ripped apart, wasn’t very comforting. So I passed the time reading the #StormEleanor hashtag on Twitter. Some of the comments were very amusing, although in the main people appeared to be more worried about their rubbish bins being dumped in their neighbour’s gardens.

Waking up this morning, it appears we’ve been spared a catastrophe. Our thoughts are with other boaters, hoping people remembered not to moor under trees.

With wind still buffeting our boat, we were surprised to hear the sound of an approaching narrow boat! Cruising slowly towards us, tacking into the wind was a lone boater. We nervously watched as he came nearer hoping the wind would not crash him into CYAN. He came close, but not that close, and with a cheery wave he powered past. Either an ‘expert’ skipper on a mission to deliver a hire boat, or Eddy the Eagles’ brother!

On New Year’s Eve we stayed up to see in 2018. At 11.55 pm we took ourselves up on deck, under the canopy, to herald in the New Year. We could see a light shining behind us, along the towpath, but curiously the light suddenly stopped moving. At first we considered it strange, which consequently made us a tad nervous. Eventually the light came closer, until it was close enough to see a man pushing a motorbike, the bike’s light was shining. We’d a feeling that we’d ‘scared’ each other! A cheery shout ‘Happy New Year’ made the man smile a little. New Year was welcomed into Cyan with a bottle of Cava, while listening to Big Ben on the radio.

Nuneaton people know how to celebrate; we had a great view of around 8 firework displays from our vantage point on Cyan.

This morning we received an email from C&RT, reminding us our Boat Safety Scheme certification expires on 31/03/2018:

“BSS examinations are best done two months before the expiry of the old certificate. If your boat passes first time, the examiner is able to forward-date your new certificate so that it runs for four years from the expiry of your current certificate. If your boat needs work to meet the requirements, you will have time to correct the issues and get your boat re-examined.

To get the BSS examiner of your choice, you should make your booking now, as they could have a waiting list. You can view all Boat Safety Scheme requirements relevant to your boat, and get details of all examiners operating in your area at www.boatsafetyscheme.org “

This is something we’ve chatted to the folks at Springwood Haven Marina about, and consequently we understand they use the services of an examiner from the Ashby Boat Hire Co., we might be able to book a slot with them before we venture toward Hillmorton Lock.

Regarding our fridge, we’ve emailed Springwood Haven Marina asking for their best price for a FF2022  12v fridge freezer, they emailed back saying they’re phoning round to get a good price for us. The best price we could find on the internet is Ely Boat Chandlers at £529.99 (inc VAT). We’ve got to think about having our old one disposed of. Sad really because the fridge/freezer works perfectly well on shore power.

While cooking Christmas lunch, I (think) discovered a glitch with the new gas cooker we had installed last month, it appears the oven switches off, or goes cooler, if I start to cook the vegetable on the hob. It’s taken a while to come to this conclusion as I kept thinking it was something I’d done, like accidentally knocking a switch, or moving the hob lid by accident, and activating the safety gas cut off. Springwood Haven will take a look at the gas regulator when we visit, it could be set too low.

All ‘chores’ to do… but we’re in no rush, and we’re definitely not moving today.

Stay safe everyone!

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