On Familiar Ground

The weather’s quite contrary at the moment, and the forecast appears to change by the hour. It was a really wet day in Kings Langley yesterday, so we stayed on our moored spot. We tried to find Pip’s (NB Olleanna) kingfisher; unfortunately we didn’t have any success.

This morning there looked to be a ‘window’ of dry weather, so we slipped our mooring on the stroke of 8.

Mrs Swan looks to be exhausted brooding over her ‘babies’…

What a great ‘garden feature’!

…while Mr Swan keeps a protective eye on her.

Our first lock of the day was old and stubborn, it took an age to empty, and then the gates took a lot of effort to move.

At our second lock, we missed the sanny station! It wasn’t until Cyan dropped down the lock and sailed through the gates when I spotted the Elsan point was at the top gates. Luckily John spotted the rubbish bins which was at the bottom gates of the lock, so at least we got to dump our rubbish.

As we cruised away from the lock we had to manoeuvre through a bridge and a sharp bend; it took an age for us to fathom what was ‘in our way’. We were pleased when the ‘boat’ backed up to let us through the bridge ‘hole’.

I expect motorists on the M25 are completely oblivious to repair work that’s in progress under the bridge.

Most beautiful evidence that winter is over!

We’ve moored just before Hunton Bridge (#162). Watford/Rickmansworth area is where I’ve roots, having lived in this area for over 20 years.

We’re just along the way from the lovely St Paul’s Church, and we’ve plans to attend the Easter Sunday Service there tomorrow.

Today we’ve cruised 1.5 miles, and through 3 locks.

2 thoughts on “On Familiar Ground

  1. Shame the kingfisher didn’t come out to see you. Those swans were there last year when we passed too, a great thing for the owners to have given them a space for themselves.

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