Only Rely On Weather Forecasts Being Unreliable!

The weather forecasters appear to be having problems predicting the weather. With this in mind, we thought we’d ignore the weather forecasts, and that we should ‘man-up’ to the point of travelling in the rain. Otherwise, we’ll never get anywhere.

We left our mooring at Hepton Bridge around 8.30 a.m., now that’s early for us! Our thinking was to make for Bridge 107A early, before the (so called) predicted rain. We hadn’t been going long, before the rain started. Luckily the bridges are relatively high, so we could travel with the canopy up. Unfortunately we can’t roll up the ‘windscreen’, so visibility isn’t very good. Even my ‘good idea’ before setting off, of cleaning the screen with waxed furniture polish to repel the rain turned out to be less than a success!

We set off thinking how more beautiful our journey would be if only we could see the scenery.

Though the views still didn’t disappoint.

John’s arthritic knee is still playing up, so I volunteered to ‘swing’ the last three swing bridges on our journey of the Leeds to Liverpool. At the first swing bridge I set off with both a handcuff, and a CRT key. Mainly the swing bridges are locked with a handcuff key, though there are a few bridges that use a CRT key. The automatic bridges all use the CRT key.

Arriving at the bridge, it didn’t take long to realise that to swing the bridge a windlass was needed, as well as a handcuff key. I trudged back to Cyan in the drizzle to pick up a windlass (muttering with each step). Sometimes it’s impossible to preempt the ‘tools’ needed! Once ‘mastered’ the three swing bridges were easy to work. Basically the key unlocked the mechanism, the windlass lifted the bridge from it’s cradle, and with a gentle push, the bridge swung open.

With all the rain we’ve had, this lifeboat just might come in handy!

How the signets have grown, they’re almost as big as their parents. It seams ages since we’ve seen a brood of swans.

     Seating, Accrington style. To the right is a bridge.

The weather’s getting even more dreek!

We had anticipated to moor between bridges 107A and 107. Unfortunately the mooring wasn’t possible as overhead wires for pylons were either being replaced or newly erected. Beside the several areas of scaffolding, the twinging/whipping noise from the wires would have been an annoying problem.

We’re now moored for the night in the countryside by Bridge 106.  WiFi is 25Mg, and good digital TV.

Tomorrow we’ve a busy day ahead, we’ve the six Blackburn Locks to drop down, and have about 10 miles of cruising, leaving Blackburn behind.

Today we’ve cruised 9.5 miles, and ‘swung’ three swing bridges.

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