Our Last Day On The Great Ouse

Last night at around bedtime the temperature was still 23C; how were we going to get to sleep? The promised 8:00 pm thunderstorm didn’t materialise, and we were left in very humid conditions. Needless to say we abstained from our usual bedtime mug of cocoa, and had iced water instead.

We must have had some sleep as I was rudely awakened by loud bangs, and bright sparks at 4:30 am. For nearly two hours there was a glorious light show, with huge claps of thunder.

John managed to sleep through quite a bit of it. Just as we were thinking the thunderstorm looked like it’s going to miss us again, the heavens opened.

Rusty looked to be quite calm with the thunder and lightening, taking his cue from us I should think. But that was before there was one huge ‘clap’, which sounded like it was right above us. The ‘bang’ made us jump, and Rusty fled to the back of the boat. If the stern doors had been open, I think he’d have been off… though I doubt he’d a plan in his head, except to bolt. Rubbing his chest is always a good trick to pacify him, which meant we had to take turns ‘pacifying’ him, until the storm abated.

I’m sure the grass looks greener after the rain?

By 8:45 am, the storm had moved on, leaving us with bright sunshine, though it felt very humid like we were in a sauna.

Leaving our mooring, and waving ‘good bye’ to the boaters who moored behind us.

The Grebe Family – were these the same little ones who ‘hitched’ rides on their mum’s back when we passed this way a few weeks ago?

A garden glass pod! Looks very futuristic

Approaching Ten Mile Railway Bridge

A ‘mum’ with ‘big’ babies

A ‘mum’ with much smaller babies

We’re now moored near Denver Sluice, ready to pass through the Sluice around 9:00 am tomorrow morning. After a short ‘tidal’ journey, we’re hoping for a ‘smooth’ entry into Salter’s Lode Lock. We’ve got two yellow weather alerts for thunderstorms during the night; our fingers are crossed for a good night’s sleep!

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