Our Present Journey’s End

Eleven Atherstone Locks before breakfast!

We thought we’d be ‘out of the traps’ early this morning to climb the 11 Atherstone Locks. Everywhere’s saturated after last night’s heavy rain, and despite the morning’s drizzly rain, we focused on the locks; forgoing breakfast for a late brunch when we eventually moor.

The first lock was the only one we had to empty, we were lucky as there were three/four times more boats going down the locks as were going up, which meant several lock gates were left open for Cyan to sail straight in. Think we transited the last/top lock 2.5 hours later.

We were also fortunate the top lock services were empty, after topping up with water, dumping the rubbish, and using the Elsan service; we relaxed!

With the ‘heavy work’ and chores done, we had a lovely cruise to our planned mooring, supping coffee, with a couple of yesterday’s Co Op custard doughnuts, knowing we were at our ‘100 mile/61 lock/11 days’ (Middlewich to Coventry) journey’s end!

On the whole the weather was very pleasant.

We’ve noticed on the wall of the bridges there’s a blob of florescent yellow paint. John says it’s a surveyor’s mark, marking the bridge has been inspected. I think it’s reflective paint, so cyclists don’t bump into the bridge at night. Wonder if anyone knows?

Wonder what these two are gossiping about?

There’s always one!

We’re now concentrating on getting sensible quotes for our new galley refurb, so we intend to hover around the Coventry, Ashby, Oxford Canals for a couple of months. But then again… we might have other ideas.

Today we’ve travelled 3 miles, and 11 locks. WiFi is amazing! Digital TV is great.

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