Our Skipton Destination

During our journey, whenever someone asks where we’re heading, we’ve been saying were heading for Skipton to spend the summer on the Pennines. This always gets a “Oooo that’s lovely”.  So today’s the day we’ve planned to arrive in Skipton! Strange how the ‘Cosmic Joker’ works, we’ll be in Skipton for the Summer Solstice!

The weather ‘s been glorious… It’s a fabulous day for messing about on the river canal!

The pic shows us passing through Keighley.  Reminding us of our friends in Spain who’ve come from Keighley! (Keep well Terry and Janet – we’ve been thinking of you both lots!  xxx …)

This is a sign, directing walkers to the ‘Polish Airmen Memorial’ – it’s always good to be reminded of what we’ve got to be grateful for…

Interesting to see cars coming up, under the canal.

This is the view of the ‘under the canal road’ from behind as we passed.

At this automatic swing bridge, we had to wait for 30 minute while the C&RT engineers fixed the bridge.  Apparently (dare I say it) a woman backed into the bridge traffic barrier, damaging it.  Poor guys, if it’s not boaters that are damaging things, they’ve also got to contend with motor cars too.

Eventually we arrived at Skipton! Mooring in the town centre, and we celebrated with dinner from the renowned ‘Busy Lizzie’ fish ‘n’ chip shop!

We also made some good friends; mum and dad cheekily tapped on the side of Cyan, asking us to help feed their 11 tiny cygnets!

While I throwing small pieces of ‘five seed’ bread to the cygnets, mum and dad never attempted to take the little one’s food. The swans just looked on, anxiously keeping any passing ducks out of the way, while their babies fed. We were privileged for them to trust us. Ducks were not such good parents though….

We’ll be staying in Skipton for a few days; tomorrow is market day, and there’s quite a few errands we’ve to do while in the town.

We’ve travelled 6 miles, and manoeuvred through 9 swing bridges – WIFI 20 Mg.


2 thoughts on “Our Skipton Destination

  1. Great blog of the journey, sadly I havn’t kept up with yours for a while, but I am really jealous of the layout. I tried but didn’t succeed in creating my own blog. I resorted to posting daily on FB . .. grrrrrr !

    Anyway, look out for NB Alfie, Im heading for Skipton, and am just 18 miles away coming in the opposite direction.

    • Hi Terry, glad you are back reading our Blog! now we can claim to have more than 2 readers………
      We will keep our eyes open for ‘Alfie’ during this week.
      Keep trying to create your own blog, lots of help on youtube…..
      Regards, John & Jennifer

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