Out Comes The Sewing Machine

When we moored at Littleport on Friday morning, the ‘entertainment’ was just about starting. It started off with the weed-cutter, then over a dozen cruiser boats started to arrive for a meet-up.

Weed cutter

There looked to be a meeting of SunSeaker boats for the weekend, and some of them looked very posh, though mooring them was quite a spectacle. It appears the ‘lady on the boat’s job’ was to balance on the deck ready to jump off with the mooring ropes, while their ‘captain’ attempted to moor. Several times the ‘captain’ mis calculated his approach, and had to take the boat ‘around again’, all the while the boat skipped and jumped on the water for another go. Another ‘job’ for the ladies; was to hang over the side of the boat, and use their arms and legs as a sort of fender to save their boat from crashing into neighbouring boats. We don’t now if it’s difficult to moor this type of boat….  but it was a revelation!

Once the shuffling had finished the ‘UBC’ boat crews descended on the ‘Swan on the River’ for a ‘royal’ gathering, a great time was had by all, and well into the night!

Circling around again for ‘another’ go at mooring.

We were on ‘thunder and lightening’ watch on Friday night. In this part of the world, the Met Office had a yellow warning for a thunder storm with a lot of rain. It’s shocking to say we were disappointed when the storm failed to materialise.

We left our mooring before 9 am yesterday (Saturday) morning while the ‘UBC’ members were still slumbering.

We arrived at Ely to find there was a boat on the service mooring, the boater was busy doing what was necessary. We saw a mooring further along where we could moor while we collected our new bbq, did some shopping, and bided our time until it was our turn for the service mooring.

After securing Cyan, all three of us (Rusty included), walked to Sainsburys. It wasn’t long before we’d returned with some shopping, a new fan, and of course the new bbq. John set about putting the bbq together, while I set off to visit the outdoor market, and to find the material shop ‘Sew Much To Do’.  I wanted to buy a length of material that’s suitable for fly screens.

The market’s very quaint, as was Ely, with lots of very pretty old buildings. At ‘Sew Much To Do’ I bought some white muslin – this should keep the flies and mosquitos at bay!

The service mooring looked to be continually occupied, and rather than wait any longer, John took a cassette and rubbish to the services using the fold up sack barrow, thinking we’ll forego filling the water tank as the gauge registered 6 (out of 10), meaning we could get by for a few days.

Lots of people were mulling about in the sunshine, eating ice cream, picnicking, or just having a stroll; their main point of interest appearing to be the boats.

Watched by an audience we pushed off.

Once again we saw NB Small World, we’d been playing ‘leap frog’ with them since the beginning of our journey on the Nene.

At first glance we thought this swan had managed to tangle itself with a piece of wire, when we got close it was obviously weed.

We moored on Little Thetford 48 hour mooring (as did NB Small World). In the cool of the evening we lit our bbq, and it didn’t disappoint 🙂 .

We stayed on the mooring today as I wanted to sew the fly screens for the hatch, and the cratch doors (I’m looking forward to leaving the cratch doors and the hatch open tonight). I also made a bag to keep the bbq tidy out of some white spotted on blue leatherette material. It should stop a ‘dirty’ bbq rubbing against other items in the boat.

Tomorrow we’re planning to call into the ‘Fish and Duck’ marina to exchange our empty gas bottle for a new one, top up with diesel, and hopefully water.

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