Overstayed Our Welcome

Our moorings at Skipton was for 3 days, problem was; when our 3 days were up, the weather changed to wet and windy. Not great for cruising, especially when there’s so many swing bridges to open, managing to ‘hover’ Cyan while one of us ‘swings’ the bridge can be tricky. The weather was a little more favourable yesterday, therefore we took the opportunity to cruise ’round’ the corner, going through two swing bridges, but not until we availed the use of Skipton’s services before we left.

While we were moored in Skipton, we had a good shopping session; we needed brass hinges, white spirits, small paintbrushes for sign writing, water hose adaptors, and many other bits and bobs that’s difficult to find while cruising. We also did a shop at Tesco, replenishing the store cupboard (which is under the pullman’s seat).

We also had a problem with our EE dongle, it just wouldn’t connect. After a long telephone conversation with EE’s technical dept., and explaining to them why they can’t send us a new dongle through the post, they suggested they’d delete our current EE contract, and for us to visit EE’s shop in Skipton for a new contract and dongle. It all turned out rather well really, we’ve got a new contract with data for 60, instead of 32 Mg per month, our next 3 months payment is ‘half price’, and as we’re a loyal customer renewing our contract, we’ve been award a 10% discount on our monthly payments! Must say, the EE coverage as we cruise round countryside and inner cities has in general been brilliant. Everyones a winner in this case!

We’ve got two working dongles (and now one broken one), and to help us obtain a strong WIFI reception we’ve stuck a velcro sticker on the back of the dongles, with corresponding velcro stickers on the inside windows of Cyan on all sides – the dongles are then ‘velcroed’ to the window that has the best ‘line of sight’ to a WIFI mast; this little trick helps enormously.

Since yesterday, we’re moored just after Gawflat Swing Bridge (#176) which is within easy walking distance to the lovely town of Skipton.

There’s also a fantastic park that’s just over the bridge, and Rusty’s having a ball (literally).

We’re staying ‘put’ for today, the internet is brilliant, and it’s given me this opportunity to update livingonthecut.co.uk website – it’s been getting a little ‘away’ from us.

Yesterday we cruised ‘half a mile’, and manoeuvred 2 swing bridges. WIFI 40 mg


2 thoughts on “Overstayed Our Welcome

  1. Glad you’re still having a good time I’m enjoying riding you’re blogs. Used to do a lot of work in Skipton and Ilkley it’s a lovely place. Happy cruising look forward to the next blog

    From the Mcgee family in Corfu

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