Planning Our Last Few Days On The Nene

We left our mooring at around 9:15 am, both of us feeling a little jaded after not sleeping very well, it was far too hot! Think last night’s heat was the warmest since this summer’s heat wave began. I must say the anticipated ‘reprieve’ being forecast will be very welcome. How long will it be before we’re all moaning about the rain and cold again?

John spotted a red kite that swooped down to the ground, and landed on the bank. By the time I fumbled with the camera, the kite was taking off.

For miles the kite looked to be following us.

There was just one lock today where I didn’t have to empty the lock after John sailed Cyan through. The boaters who were entering the full lock said they were on their way to the River Ouse. They’d decided on their journey after being fed up with North/West canals being short of water.

Travelling through Thrapston, and under the 9 arch bridge. Its origins are medieval, and was probably rebuilt in 1795

We’ve moored for the day on Woodford ‘Friends of the Nene’ mooring. When we moored we could hear a cow bellowing, and wondered if she was shouting for her calf, and fearing the shouting could last all night. Then we spotted the bull in the field just across from the river. At first he wasn’t too interested, but now he appears to be ‘fired up’, and is desperate to find way to cross the river.

Poor lovelorn bull!

  • Tomorrow night we’ve planned to moor above Ditchford Lock.
  • For Thursday night we’ve booked ourselves into White Mills Marina. We’re in need of diesel,  a replacement gas bottle, as well as sanny services. A Tesco delivery has been ordered for Friday morning.
  • Friday night we’ve planned to stay (if we can get in) just after Weston Favell Flood Gates.
  • Saturday night our plan is to moor just before the Nene/Grand Union junction.
  • If all goes to plan, we’ll be climbing the 17 Rotherthorpe Locks on Sunday.
  • On Monday, we’ll be having a rest, and plan our next adventure.

Today we’ve travelled over 7 miles, and through 4 locks.

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