Planning Our Next Journey

Our cruise up and down the Llangollen Canal is almost at an end.  We’re now planing our next trip which we’ve decided is to be Marple locks, where we hope to catch up with friends.

First thing first, food….. As Tesco is right on the bank of Ellesmere wharf, packing the boat with provisions for a couple of weeks was easy.  It’s really satisfying to pass bags of grocery, from the trolley, and in through the side hatch, straight into the galley.  After food provisioning, it was a very short pootle to the waterpoint to brim Cyan’s water-tank.  Then it was another quick pootle to Blackwater Meadow Marina to brim her diesel tank.  At the marina we also picked up two more bags of smokeless fuel for the stove for cosy evenings. Our trick is try and buy just enough coal for the chilly Spring nights, before the balmy summer evenings arrive.  We’ve no desire to haul bags of coal around throughout our summer journeys.

We moored up for the evening just past ‘Hampton Bank Bridge’ (#50).  The WiFi wasn’t up to much, so we were disappointed we couldn’t use the internet much for planning our next journey.

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