Preparing For ‘The Beast From The East’!

With an eye firmly on the weather, and looking for a sheltered location to moor while the ‘Beast from the East’ passes over, we continued our journey towards Fenny Stratford Lock (#22).

To my embarrassment I’ve never given Milton Keynes much thought; if I did connotations of a concrete jungle, with ‘concrete cows’ came to mind. After cruising through Milton Keynes; we’re really impressed. The parks are fabulous, with cycle paths running around the perimeters, and the efforts to encourage wildlife really shows.

Here’s great place for kids, with moorings very close to Gulliver’s Theme Park.

In the vicinity of Bridge #82, and Bridge #82A, work looks to be underway on the ‘Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway’. It’s a scheme to connect these two towns via a 20 mile canal, an idea first started by Samuel Whitbread MP in 1810! For more information…. It would be a ‘broad beamed’ link between the Waterways Network, and the Fens. (I’m hoping I’ve joined the ‘dots’ here.) The Nicholson Waterway Guide 1, carries information.

If the workmen were just laying pipes, then why would they scalp the surrounding land?

Pretty architecture in such rural areas.

Wished we’d have taken more notice of Skew Bridge #94! We didn’t realise what a sharp bend it was, plus there’s the problem of the narrow neck through bridge. John didn’t quite manage to get Cyan to turn far enough round, but he did manage to slow her down sufficiently, avoiding any disaster when she ‘crashed’ into the bank!

Glad we’d done a bit of ‘homework’ last evening, it meant the bridge over Fenny Stratford Lock #22 didn’t come as a complete surprise. This was a new ‘experience’ for us. We shouldn’t have worried, the bridge was easy enough to swing (it didn’t need a key or a windlass).

The house on the right of the pic, is ‘isolated’ without the bridge connecting it to roads. I noticed the house is up for sale!

We stopped at the services just after the lock for Elsan and rubbish chores, and to brim the water tank again.

Now I do appreciate this boat’s name!

It’sad; Fuel boats Ascot and Beverley looks to be in need of TLC.

The first clumps of daffodils we’ve seen in this area. Seeing that we’re travelling South, I guess Spring will be earlier (?).

On yesterday’s blog I said I hadn’t seen a ‘family’ of swans for a while – well this bunch has turned me into a ‘liar’!

John returned after taking Rusty for a walk saying he’s found ‘a perfect’ spot round the corner. All ‘things’ these days have to be considered before we moor; solar panel alignment with the sun, WiFi and TV reception…. So tomorrow, we just might be taking Cyan for a short cruise just around the corner. This could be our spot for the weekend, until we get fed up of the scenery, or after the ‘Beast from the East’ has moved over.  (Or we may just continue down the next 4 locks………decisions, decisions.)

We travelled 6.5 miles today, and manoeuvred through 1 lock/bridge.

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