Rain Rain Go Away!

We woke to a weather forecast that was dire, 95% rain right through the day and into the evening. Our mooring wasn’t ideal, there were notices warning it’s £8 per night to stay here, plus Rusty found it very difficult to get on and off the boat, as the ‘platform/jetty’ wasn’t big enough for him to jump onto, and jumping from the boat onto the wall was a bit of a stretch for him. We needed to move.

Despite the weather forecast, the rain did dry up. We seized the dry window to get moving – and seeing that no one tapped on our window for a mooring fee, we had a free mooring.

We didn’t have a plan, except to moor as soon as possible. If we’re going to have heavy rain, it might be prudent to find a safe mooring, just in case the yellow boards get elevated to red.

Maidenhead Railway Bridge – the widest, flatest single span brick arch in the world. Known as Brunell’s Sounding Arch – more information

Boulter’s Lock was our only lock of the day, the lockie must have seen us coming as the lock gates were open and ready for us to sail in.

Boulter’s Lock, Sunday Afternoon by Edward John Gregory

We had a lovely surprise as we sailed from Boulter’s Lock, we spied ‘Still Rocking’! We’ve been following Carol and George’s blog for years.  ‘Still Rocking’ was nestled in a lovely tranquil spot, as we approached John sounded Cyan’s horn in the hope Carol and George would hear, and we could say ‘Hello’. Carol and George both came on their deck, and invited us in for a drink. We were a little worried at first because of Rusty. But Carol said they were used to dogs, and welcomed Rusty on board!

We had a lovely coffee/tea with Carol and George on their beautiful widebeam ‘Still Rocking’. George very kindly marked good mooring spots on our map, and we’re so very grateful for your knowledge and the tips.

Thank you Carol and George for your hospitality, and generously sharing your best mooring spots, I’m sure we’ll meet up again soon.

We’re now moored in an absolutely beautiful spot, as per George’s suggestion.  We’re right next to Cliveden Wood, which is great for walks.

Today we cruised 2.5 miles, and through one lock. Finally we spotted our first Kingfisher perched on a bank looking for breakfast, Wow what a beautiful bird!

3 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. Looks a lovely mooring spot Jen and John. Very interesting about Brunel’s bridge. That’s a lovely painting too, although it looks like numerous accidents waiting to happen!

    Aly x

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