Rained Off Again!

On Wednesday the wind got up, with gushes of 40 mph.  It’s not a good idea for us boaters to be out in such strong winds, as boats don’t behave well in the wind, it’s all to easy to crash into banks, or even other boats.

So once again, we ‘stayed at home’ until the weather changed. We were getting a bit low on several items, and needed supplies. It’s easy to obtain the postcode of where we were staying, to book a Tesco delivery slot. On Thursday morning Tesco delivered!

Friday we were soon off, boat had been filled with water, food/drink supplies topped up, we were now ‘good’ for several days, if not weeks.

We’ve got 3 locks left on the Aire & Calder Navigation, before we reach our ‘destination’ canal, the Leeds to Liverpool Canal.

Several boaters have advised us to start early in the morning when going through Leeds, before the druggies and troublemakers get up. One boater told us that a boater who was doing the locks was fired on by someone with an air riffle! Another one said some hooligans tied up a volunteer lock-keeper on a lock! We can’t confirm the accuracy of these stories, but I think we’ll take heed, and moor up for the night just before we enter Leeds.

We had intended to moor up in this area just after our first lock, but unfortunately there were no digital TV signal, and hardly any WiFi – so we ventured on….

We continued down the two last (giant) locks of the Aire & Calder Navigation.

At Woodlesford Lock, the area had several beautiful flower beds, one of them had a plaque saying the plants were gift from John Sergent, while filming “Barging About Canals”.


As we cruised, we were well aware Leeds was looming up before us.

At Leeds Sanitary Station we stopped at the large pontoon of the service area. We tucked (moored) Cyan at the end of the pontoon, while still leaving ample room for several boats to moor up, and access the water points. I know we’re naughty, but we’re not disturbing or being a nuisance to anyone.

We’re also moored up by the ‘Armoury Museum’ – right next to a jousting ground.

We intended to leave first thing this morning, but again we woke to heavy rain. Looking at the weather forecast, we hope to be off tomorrow morning early. Lock #1 of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal is just around the corner.

We’ve travelled 5.5 miles, and 3 gigantic (but fully automated) locks.


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