Rainy Start, But Outlook Is Bright!

Radford Bottom Lock - Leamington Spa

Picture this:  It's 7:00 AM, and the daybreak has just about broken.  We've spent the night in a lovely situation on the Grand Union!  It's quite isolated, though there are a couple of moored boats a fair distance from us.  On the opposite side of the boat from the towpath, there's a field, a farm, and a lovely Norman church!  The church clock has just struck a melodious 7 o/clock chime.  All's well and, practically perfect!

Sadly the rain is tipping down as I write; though the weather forecast for this area says the rain will fade away, leaving us with a bright and breezy day.  The weather drying up is good news as we're manoeuvring through several locks today.   How many? Well that depends on how we feel.... such is our life 🙂 .  But for now, we've lit a roaring fire, settled down with a couple of ginger biscuits and a cup of coffee, and gently wait for the weather to change.... cos we can!

A couple of weeks ago we both managed to fall foul of the dreadful cold/flu/chest infection that appears to be presently afflicting half the UK's population.  We knew we'd be hit hard this winter, we've lived in Spain for the past 15 winters, and have no doubt failed to build up the normal resistance to UK's normal winter bugs.

Yesterday we travelled the short journey from Warwick, where we stayed for 2 days.  Warwick is a beautiful city, with some magnificent building, not least of course is the castle.  The annual 'Mop Fair' was on, with excited children riding on amusements which had been erected in the streets.  We couldn't really appreciate the 'fun of the fair' as we were on a mission - a mission to the chemist for provisions of 'Lemsip', cough medicine, and 'Fisherman's Friends'!

Must make a note regarding 'Myton Visitor Moorings', when we cruised passed we noticed the mooring were practically 'personal' mooring for Lidl and Morrisons.  Homebase was also near by.


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