Relax, We’re On Shoreline!

We’re now ‘almost’ settled down in Grove Lock Marina. I say ‘almost’ because we’re on pins waiting for 4 new batteries to be delivered. They are being delivered via Yodel. We looked on their online tracking at about 11:30 am, and we were 113th in line for delivery! At the time of writing (17:40 pm) we’re now 51st in line for delivery!

The Marina’s office have now gone home… and we’re just hoping the van driver gives us a call, and doesn’t go away thinking the marina is closed! John will no doubt be waiting for him by the gates. Forgive my paranoia over ‘things’ that get delivered!

{John} Update: I was dispatched at 7:30 pm, in the pouring rain, to await the Yodel driver’s arrival at the main gate. He finally arrived at 8:45 pm! The young Polish driver was bright and cheery despite the horrible weather, and still having 25 more deliveries to complete. Ours was number 146 so far that day….. I finally completed the hand delivery of 100 kgs of new batteries to CYAN at 9:00 pm…. job done!

The electrical engineer who’s going to install the new batteries has confirmed he’ll be with us around midday Monday. We can hardly wait! We’re now on shoreline electrics, and it’s a relief not having to keep checking battery status.

Early this morning we left the place we’ve been moored for almost two weeks. It was about 9:00 am, which is early for us!

John was on locking duty at Grove Lock, and I took Cyan through, using just one gate at each end (luckily).

Grove Lock Marina is at the top of the lock. Paul the manager was expecting us, he showed us where our mooring was, and he even helped us moor!

It’s a relatively new marina, with a lovely atmosphere; which is demonstrated by the friendly people who work and live here.

My ambition over the weekend is to catch up on the laundry! Believe it or not; it’ll be a treat 🙂


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