Rugby, Our ‘Home’ For Four Days

Nothing much has changed with the weather, it’s still grey, damp and brrr cold! Though having nighttime temperatures just above freezing makes such a difference. I can remember kicking off the duvet because it felt too ‘hot’ in the night.

We set off at about 11:15 am., with an anticipated destination being the moorings at Rugby, very near to the Bell and Barge PH. Just as we were setting off another boat past us. We followed the boat (at a distance) until we arrived at Rugby.

Our journey today took us under the M6.

At Brinklow the boat in front left the swing bridge open for us, and we closed the swing bridge after we went through. Here we met a young swan who was busy trying to ‘preen’ itself of its cygnet feathers.

On leaving Brinklow we spotted a bold clump of snowdrops – a welcome sight!

Cruising through cuttings, there’s plenty of trees blown down through recent winds, making it an ‘interesting cruise’. The badgers (or is it rabbits) have been busy undermining the cutting’s bank, and loosening tree roots. Don’t think I’d like to cruise this culvert in high winds though.

Rusty still has a fit of shivers as he travels through tunnels, and he always gets a cuddle which I hope helps. The lights on Cyan’s roof automatically turns on as we travel through the dark tunnel.

Towpaths are pretty dire around this area.

Looking back through the bridge towards the Barley Mow PH.

We arrived at our destination at 1:30 pm. We quickly moored, and were soon toasting our feet by Cyan’s stove.

After the problems we’ve had regarding our old fridge/freezer hammering the batteries, and recently our new fridge/freezer which has been filled with food (consequently the food had to be frozen or cooled down), we’ve had to run Cyan’s engine to charge the batteries late at night, just before retiring to bed. This has been the reason why we’ve moored away from homes, and other boats. Tonight will be the first time in a while we’ve moored next to houses. According to the Canal & River Trust license TOC’s, boat engines and generators have to be turned off between 8:00 pm, and 8:00 am. Tonight we’ll keep a close eye on the batteries, and if necessary, we’ll have to be frugal with the electric.

Our plans are to stay here in Rugby for a family visit and retail therapy, until Wednesday.

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