Runnymede Meadow

The spot where stopped last night was rather posh, going by some of the houses – but that didn’t stop the vandals.

At around 2:30 am, we were woken by a noise; as we were the only boat around, it was a bit disconcerting. The mystery was solved when John stepped off Cyan on his way to taking Rusty for a walk. Someone had dumped a lorry load of rubbish right at the entrance to a lovely woodland walk, and just beside where we were moored. Grrrr! Wished we could have snapped them doing it!

The beautiful Chertsey Bridge

Our first lock of the day was Chertsey Lock. It was manned by two lockies, although one of them was busy cutting the grass. They were really helpful, and generous with advice regarding the area, the lock, weirs, shops, moorings. One rather helpful piece of info, is that the weirs, and the lock’s control unit (he called it a pedestal) are always on the same side.

We were lucky at our next lock, Penton Hook Lock. despite there being no lockie. We managed to sail into a generous place in the lock, while another boater worked the lock.

I’m fascinated with the styles of house boats, this one looks to be fabulous

Love this one with it’s spiral staircase at the back

At our third and last lock of the day, Bell Weir Lock, we found the lock occupied with two boats descending. John climbed up the lock after he’d lashed Cyan’s centre line to a bollard, handing the end of the line to me to steady Cyan in the strong breeze. A very posh cruiser came up behind us, obviously it was going up the lock. There were three men in the boat, but the boat was skipping and jumping on the water in an alarming way. It turns out that two of the men had just bought the boat, and a trainer was teaching them for the day, with Bell Weir Lock being their ‘first’ lock. John joined in with the ‘lesson’ on how to work the locks which was great.

At the top of the lock we called it a day! We moored right next to Runnymede meadow. We might cruise a little further on tomorrow, and have an ‘easy’ day to catch up on domestic stuff.

Today we cruised 5.5 miles, and 3 locks!

3 thoughts on “Runnymede Meadow

  1. Just for information – may be useful, may be not!. On the Thames in 2015 I paid for a mooring once only (£5 at Town Wharf, Wallingford).
    I moored at :
    VM opp The Island, Hythe End Egham
    VM Maidenhead Railway Bridge (£8 charge but not collected)
    EA 24hr VM Lash Brook Junction, Lower Shiplake
    Bank mooring on pins at Beale Park
    Town Wharf Wallingford (charged)
    VM Below Bridge, Abingdon
    Below lock, Abingdon
    Above Kings Lock, Wytham
    Above Rushey Lock
    Public moorings, Lechlade
    Bank mooring on pins, Chimney.
    Beware the cows at Lechlade. They eat anything including mooring lines. I saw one put front legs on a bow to reach a pot of flowers which it stretched towards and then ate!
    NB Samsara

    • Thanks John for your mooring suggestions, we’ll be making careful notes! We got off without paying mooring fees too in Maidenhead last night.

      I bet you thought your boat was about to capsize when the cow boarded your bow – those cows sound like a bundle of fun!

      Happy cruising – Jen

    • Great information John! We picked a couple of your moorings – thank you for your suggestions. Beale Park was fabulous! Jen

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