Saturday’s Cruise

The local weather forecast said today’s weather was going to be changeable… they weren’t wrong!  We started off in brilliant sunshine, and moored up in heavy rain.

With a similar plan as yesterday, I would do the first 5 locks, and John would do the next 5, though we thought we’d ‘play it by ear’ as to where we’d moor, we couldn’t see a suitable mooring place on the map.

The fine weather had brought many people to the towpath, dog walkers, ramblers, bikers.  The canal’s a ‘centre’of social interaction. Who wouldn’t enjoy such beauty?

No signs of a water shortage in this part of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

Now this is a ‘leaky lock’! Emptying the lock took a lot of patience.  

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal follows the path of the River Colne.


This whole area, in years gone by, was the centre of the woollen mill industry. The famous Titanic Mill has now been converted into fabulous apartments, see ‘Rightmove’ link.

The locks take on the ‘flavour’ of the local water, this lock smelt ‘peaty’, and the colour ‘black’ has seeped into the stonework.

We’d never get ‘bored’ with the scenery.

Today we’ve moored up below Isis lock #9 and have gone through 12 locks, and 2.5 miles. WiFi is around 20 Mg.

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