Shopping In Tesco

Last night we moored up at Duddleston’s Bridge Visitor Moorings, and were horrified to find the area had less than 1/4 Mg wifi!

Today we aimed to go through 3 lift bridges, on our way to Ellesmere Wharf Visitor Moorings.  Luckily we discovered the wharf has a Tesco store!  We’ve not really shopped for 3 weeks, apart from the odd local store for a loaf, milk, and fruit.

As luck would have it, we followed 2 boats through the 3 lift bridges. We soon developed a ‘system’ where a person from the first boat opened the bridge, and waited for the 3 boats to pass under; we sort of played ‘leapfrog’, and we all got a ‘turn’ of opening a bridge.

What a beautiful cruise today, for miles both sides of the canal was a nature reserve! John got excited by a forked tailed bird with yellow flashes, think we’ve identified it as a yellow wagtail.

It’s a bit odd though, we’ve noticed there’s hardly any ducks and moorhens on the water.  Because fresh water is running through Llangollen Canal, the water is very clean. Comparing this canal to areas of the Coventry Canal where there’s a lot of detritus in parts, yet the population of ducks, swans and other waterfowl there is abundant.

Here’s another one of those bridges with a cubbyhole, though without the door.  The bridge was ‘pretty’ with patches of dandelions growing between the brickwork.

Our cupboards are now fully provisioned thanks to Tesco. Tomorrow we hear is going to be a glorious day, so we’ll be up early as we make our way to Chirk (I think!).

2 thoughts on “Shopping In Tesco

  1. Hi Guys,
    Rachel and I saw you on Wednesday at the top lock of the 4 at Hurleston, you came out as we went in and Jennifer spoke to Rachel as she went past, I was concentrating on stearing the boat so didn’t see John(we were on day 1 of 2 training from Cheshire Cat and Lynda was helping Rachel with lock duties.

    When they came back to the boat Rachel asked what your boat was called and when I said Cyan, Lynda said that was you guys and unfortunately by then we were going down the lock and you were disapearing off in the distance(well at 3mph anyway).

    Just to remind you, we were the couple who had an apartment on la Finca and you were the guys who came to my mother in laws rescue about 10 yrs ago when you took us in and gave us drinks.

    We will have our boat by the end of the month and we will be moored at Overwater at Audlem.
    The boat is going to be called La Finca(cause neither of us could come up with anything better).
    La Finca being the farm in Spanish is loosely based on the fact that Overwater was farm land once, most of the canal network cuts through or goes round farms and Audlem in the 20th century was the biggest dairy farm village in Europe – anyway, thats my excuse for calling it that name……………..

    We will look out for you when we start cruising the canals and will keep up with your blog(when you have time to do it !!, only joking), we may even start one of our own.

    Have continued fun and drop us a mail when you have time.

    • Wow, amazing. So glad you remembered us. I remember Rachael now, she said it was her first lock, but I never dreamed we’d met before. Rachael and the instructor (who also has a German Shepherd) held the lock gate for me as I passed over it. As you know we’re on our way up to Llangollen Basin, and meeting up with my brother and two nephews hopefully, then we’ll be returning. Perhaps we can meet up near Overwater? La Finca is a lovely name for a boat. I didn’t know that about Overwater, but it’s not surprising as it’s lovely farming country. I thought you were more near Stoke way? John says he’s going to email you. We’re looking forward to reading your blog. Our blog is a great way to keep a diary for us, as no doubt we hope to retrace our cruises as time goes by, otherwise we’d have no idea where we’ve been and what it looks like (nothing to do with old age I hope) lol. Thanks for getting in touch! John and Jen x

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