Shopping Problems, Tesco Helps

Our food cupboards were getting desperate, we had planned to stock up at Aldi, by the Waterside Inn, just before the last bridge on the Leigh Arm of the L&L, but the moorings were taken.

So plan B: This involves Google Maps, and searching for a suitable place where Tesco can deliver without causing any problems with the locals.

We found such a place in Lymm:  Just over the bridge, off ‘New Rd’, there’s a place for the Tesco van to deliver.

Last evening my shopping list was loaded onto the Tesco website, so that when we moor up at the ‘identified’ mooring, we can inspect the area just to make sure there’d be no problems, then we can book a delivery slot, and order the provisions.

We left our mooring at Dunham Massey, and cruised down the canal until we arrived at the designated spot just before Lymm Bridge #23.

Luckily all appeared to be as we thought. So I went ahead and booked a slot. Firstly I had to create a ‘new delivery address’ and added the postcode of the bridge (according to Tesco’s website then asks which property, unfortunately there’s no ‘Lymm Bridge #23’ in the ‘drop down’ menu!  Though there is an address for the ‘Golden Fleece’, so I chose that!

Then I chose a slot, and I was delighted to find that the Tesco in this area are doing a ‘same day’ delivery. I chose the earliest slot, 7:00 p.m.

In the ‘Delivery Instructions’ there’s a text box. In the box I typed:

DO NOT DELIVER TO THE GOLDEN FLEECE! We are on a narrowboat named Cyan. With the pub behind you, go over Lymm Bridge and turn immediate right. We are moored up under the bridge – just like a troll! Call if you need help Tel: xxxxxxxxxx

Just before 7:00 p.m. John wandered over the bridge and saw the Tesco delivery van in the Golden Fleece’s car park. The delivery driver had climbed down the steps onto the canal (on the left of the bridge ‘see pic above’) and was looking for Cyan. John shouted out “Mr Tesco”, and the driver turned around, and raced back to his van. After re-reading the instructions, he was full of apologies for not reading the instructions carefully.

Within minutes the driver was passing crates of food through the hatch, straight into the galley where I was quickly unloading the goodies.

The delivery man was a really nice guy, and asked if he could take a picture of Cyan to pass on to Tesco head office as they like to hear of ‘unusual’ deliveries.

After shoehorning the provisions into the gallery, and all over the pullman, we sailed Cyan around the corner to the other side of the bridge where we’re presently moored up, at this gorgeous mooring. Here I put everything away, into the many storage spaces, as you do…

The gentleman of this house, in the pic, is very pleasant, and even asked if Tesco had delivered on time! His garden is amazing!

This is the other side of the canal, by the garden of the ‘Golden Fleece’, and where the Tesco Delivery man was looking for Cyan.


This morning the rain was torrential, intermittent with squally showers – we decided to stay put for the day!

Tomorrow we’ve about 4 miles to cover to get to Stockton Quay Bridge. We’ve arranged to meet friends there, and have booked Sunday lunch at the pub.  Hope the weather behaves!

Yesterday we travelled 4 miles, no locks. WiFi is 13 Mg, brilliant Digital TV.

7 thoughts on “Shopping Problems, Tesco Helps

    • Wow, thank you Carol and Pip, now that makes sense, when John saw him he was planting a fruit tree against the wall, and his little black dog was watching intently for anything that ‘escaped’ while he was digging. When he saw our dog he told his dog to sit “Sit Sweep!” – brilliant to thank, Cheers 🙂

  1. We overtook you yesterday (Sunday). We travelled from Dunham Massey to near Preston Brook via Aldi at Stockton Heath.
    Heading through the first 2 tunnels on the L&L today

    • Now Tumbleweed rings bells – wish we’d have known. If we catch you up, we’ll shout out! Though you might be on the quick side for us 🙂

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