So Glad We Got Going

After waking to a glorious day, I was looking forward to a lazy one.  Yet despite two ‘important’ games of footie on the telly, John wanted to cruise. I conceded to the proviso we sort out a delivery from Tesco, even if we have to pay to moor in a marina to do so.

I was so glad we did as it was a fantastic day, the canal even had a ‘party atmosphere’ to it, as quite a lot of the boats were having parties on board as they sailed along.

A so called ‘party boat’ was spied coming towards us, but as there was a bridge in between us where obviously one boat would ‘fit’,  (etiquette dictates that the one nearest to the bridge hole goes through first), as we were nearest the ‘hole’, and after listening to the ‘merriment’ emanating from the ‘party boat’ where drink’s probably involved, John wisely stopped Cyan and beckoned the party boat through. Maybe it was because of this gesture the ‘captain’ of the party boat handed us 2 slices of birthday cake!

Scrummy it was too!

Herons were very busy on the Macclesfield.  There were two distinct ‘types’ of heron (I think this one is a heron) we spied.  We’re such ignorami when it comes to bird species.  We’re going to correct this as it could be a great hobby, therefore I’ve joined the RSPBC community, and have enquired about species of herons.  We’re still baffles as to why this ‘heron’ was ‘fishing’ behind a wire fence?


The boat beyond the heron had run aground, still they appeared to be enjoying themselves considering the shouting and laughter.


The Macclesfield Canal is like ‘Heaven on Earth’, it’s stunning.




History is so touchable:

We did have some scary moments too;

Sorry, just couldn’t help snapping happy families:

Mother goose still looks to be incubating her children as she’s sitting on her nest still.  Dad’s kept busy watching the ‘hatchlings’ who were chirping away trying to get back on the bank to the safety of mum’s wing.


We didn’t expect this – how fabulous are these views over Bollington Aqueduct!

Here’s Bollington Aqueduct from below (a stock image):

Towards the end of the aqueduct we came across the amazing Clarence Mill.  It’s now been converted into apartments, where the views must be outstanding.

At the bottom of the mill, there’s a visitor’s centre and a canal side cafe.

Our ‘lunch stop’:

Our end of day mooring:

We’ve moored up by Grimshaw’s Bridge (#18), just opposite Lyme View Marina where we topped up with diesel, bought 4 bags of coal, and exchanged an empty gas bottle for a new one.

Tomorrow Tesco’s been instructed to deliver our order to the bridge.  Monday we’re staying put!

Since we last filled up at Ellesmere we’ve motored 71 miles. The diesel tank took 67 litres to re-fill, which wasn’t bad considering the  heating of our domestic water, running the washing machine, hair dryer and topping up batteries.

Over the last 30 days our solar panels have ‘harvested’ over 100 kWh, that is a bonus!

Today we’ve had no locks, and have cruised 6 miles. WiFi is around 25 Mg.


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