Spending Time At The Anderton Lift Visitor Centre

Not sure about the weather, the BBC forecast says it’ll be dry until 6:00 p.m., but who can trust what the weather forecasts say these days? The weather is very unpredictable. When we set off it was ‘long sleeves, and a jacket’ type of weather, but it wasn’t long before the jacket came off.

We wanted to fill the water tank before we entered today’s two tunnels, Cyan handles much better when her tanks are full.  We gave up that plan when we saw how many (hire) boats were moored in the area, making it difficult to get to the water tap.

Though the weather’s dull, we did enjoy the scenery, even glimpsed the Dutton Railway Viaduct.

Cruising along; we caught up with a family on a hire boat, ‘Dad’ was cruising very slow, meaning we followed at tick-over pace, hanging back so we didn’t appear to be ‘bullying’ him.

It wasn’t long before we were at the entrance to Saltersford Tunnel. We arrived at 25 past 10, so we only had to wait 5 minutes until we were allowed to enter the tunnel at half past the hour. Rusty fared a little better in the tunnel, but that was until the teenagers in the hire boat in front of us decided to make ghostly noises. I hugged him all the way through trying to reassure him. Saltersford has a kink in the middle, which made the passage interesting.

The pic below was taken when we left the tunnel, you can just about see the ‘lane’ at the top of the tunnel where the barge horses walked over the length of the tunnel, while the barge was obviously legged through the tunnel.

Almost immediately we were entering Barnton Tunnel, though not before leaving a bit of space between us and the hire boat. There’s almost a 40 deg turn to enter the tunnel, and it’s not easy to see the entrance to ‘line up’ the boat. Whoops, John managed to catch the chimney on the roof, scraping chimney’s ‘hat’ along the ceiling. Luckily the ‘hat’ stayed on. Don’t know exactly what happened to the hire boat in the tunnel, but somewhere about the middle we heard a crashing noise, a bit of shouting, and Cyan was put in reverse to stop us banging into them. They must have sorted themselves out, as they were soon on their way again.

Rusty would be happy if he knew we’ve no more tunnels planned for a while.

We sailed past the Anderton Boat Lift entrance, and then moored up. We might be chilling for a day or two while we explore the visitor’s centre. Or we might not, the world’s our lobster so it’s said!


Today we’ve cruised 5 miles, sailed through 2 tunnels, Moored where WiFi is 8Mg, and Digital TV is OK.

Our start postcode: WA4 4LQ

Our moored postcode: CW9 6AQ

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