Spring In Dacorum

We’ve been floating in a beautiful spot at the end of the navigable section of the Wendover Arm, while waiting for our letter to arrive from Hermes.

Today we received an automated message saying our package had arrived at the Tring Hermes Parcelshop. Despite the Hermes sign outside the shop saying it was a collect and postal service for Hermes, and despite the Hermes website saying people could collect parcels from their local Parcelshop; apparently this isn’t the case as they only deal with Retail customers. When we called at the shop to collect our letter, the assistant said we shouldn’t have used this service!

We’re trying to get this clarified with Hermes, which is proving a bit problematic. Nevertheless….. WE HAVE OUR LETTER! The letter contained our new debit and credit cards, so it was very important for them to be safely in our possession.

Tomorrow we can now untie our moorings, and once more (no pun intended) be on our way! Can’t wait, despite being moored in such an idyllic spot.

The weekend was a bit parky!

On our walk to Tring High Street, there were signs everywhere that Spring is really springing!

At a sheltered spot, the hawthorne has clearly woken up

The cherry blossom can’t wait any longer to show off its glorious blossom

It wont be long before one of my favourite plants will be in full bloom, that’s the foxglove

Tring High Street is looking very pretty. This is clearly the land of 4x4s. It’s also within the Dacorum Borough.

Wiki says:

“The name Dacorum comes from Latin and it means “hundred of the Dacians”. The latter word was used mistakenly in the Middle Ages for ‘Danes’. This happened because of a legend asserting that certain tribes from Dacia had migrated to Denmark. The hundred of Dacorum was first recorded in 1196, although it has existed since the 9th and 10th centuries, when it lay near the southern boundary of the Danelaw, on the River Lea. In 1086, the Domesday Book records the hundreds of Tring and Danais in places that became parts of the hundred of Dacorum.”

2 thoughts on “Spring In Dacorum

  1. Oh dear. When is a postal service not a postal service? Answers on a postcard…and no, you can’t send that either! I will be interested to see what Hermes say in the end.

    Sunny but a bitter wind here in Espana.

    • I know Aly, it’s infuriating. Think the company wants to offer services to non-retail customers, but are being stopped by red tape. Seeing that the Post Office is now longer state owned, surely Hermes should be allowed to compete. I don’t know whether this is still the case, we’re still waiting for feedback. Hope Espana’s wind has warmed up! x

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