Spring Is In The Air!

We’ve been moored up in Trinity Marina on the Ashby since mid December. Whilst there, we’ve undertaken quite a bit of renovations and maintenance to our now ‘homely’ home afloat.

For the past few weeks we’ve had serious bouts of ‘cabin fever’, coupled with impatience for Spring to arrive.

This weekend we’ve taken the ‘optimistic bull’ by the horns, and planned our escape!  Setting of with a well stocked boat of food, water, and fuel, we absconded from the ‘life in the marina’.


On this bright blue sunny ‘end of winter’ day, we glanced back, wondering about the adventures we’re going to experience before we see this sight again.


It feels just so good to be travelling once again, this time with the whole of the Spring and Summer stretching before us.


The swans were feeling the joy of the warm sun on their backs.  Soon no doubt last year’s youngsters will  be pairing up.  We can’t wait to see the cygnets arrive.


Don’t let Rusty’s stern look confuse you, he’s delighted too to be ‘out on the cut’.  As you can imagine he misses nothing!  Funny how the photo managed to muddle his ears with a tree in the background.  It makes his big ears look even fluffier and bigger.


We’d forgotten how beautiful and historical our canals are.


Being in no rush, we moored up after just 2 hours pootling.  Solar panels facing the sun we’re generating 150 watts, satellite dish aligned, and catching 40 meg of internet…. we’re chilled!

2 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air!

  1. We hope your trip is going well.
    Spring has sprung and we’re back out on the cut ourselves. Mary Anne has a new gearbox and she has performed beautifully over the standing start quarter mile drag race (0 to 4 mph in 30 seconds) and now is capable of 6mph but don’t tell the CRT !!
    Please keep in touch and keep posting news and pics of your progress.
    Jon n Jane xx

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