Squeezing Into The Locks

Last evening we amused ourselves watching a single duck, with her 3 ducklings. This morning we found mother duck was having a real tussle with a single male swan. He was horrible to her, chasing her about and looking like he was trying to drown her. Her three ducklings were hiding in the reeds, while she distracted the swan away from her brood. We did manage to tempt the swan towards Cyan by throwing some bread from the hatch, and hoped the duck and her ducklings would escape and the swan would ‘forget’ them. The ploy didn’t work, as the swan went back on the hunt for the duck family. We hope the outcome was not tragic……

This family of swans and very new cygnets were so cute, and they looked quite serine. Mum and dad were taking great care.

We were told last evening by a chatty Canal & Riverside Trust volunteer who was picking up rubbish from the towpath, that the next lock (Mill Bank Lock #7) was the shortest on the Calder & Hebble. Hearing that; was’t conducive to sleeping well, as that information just gave me nightmares!

Nevertheless, after breakfast we geared up for the challenges of the day. At the lock we just took it slowly and we just fitted diagonally inside the lock. Once we emptied the lock John used the boat pole to nudge  Cyan across the lock allowing the gate to open.  Leaving the lock was a lovely feeling, knowing that at least we’d ‘fit’ in all the other locks.

The gates are huge and heavy, the paddles are also hard to operate, C&H locks are quite a challenge for John.

As we missed the water point and services yesterday, we were aiming to make for the services at Horbury Basin. When we arrived, the area looked very tight to access the services, so we gave it a miss, believing the next services are not too far away.

It’s lovely to cruise along the navigation. After dropping down Broad Cut Top Lock #4, we moored up.

The weather has been brilliant, and as we’d moored up by Navigation Inn, we thought it would be rude not to pop into the pub’s garden for a drink. The Navigation Inn has a fantastic play area for children. School looks to be out for half term, and lot’s of children were in the play area having a great time. Rusty was unsettled and not happy with children running around so we didn’t stay too long.

Today we have gone down 4 locks, and 3.25 miles. Wifi is 6 Mbps.

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